Weapon switch bug

After several pvp arenas or oprs me and all my friends get this bug, only restarting the client helps, but this is not a solution! Can i get an answer from the developers why this problem is still not solved? This should be the number one priority, because the game is unplayable and this is the problem definitely not in my high end PC…


and we also get such lags when someone starts pvp in elite zones and everyone in this zone feels these lags


What exactly u want to be fixed? Weapon swap its working without issues for months already.

Now I have no idea who is gonna play with pressing button like a mad kid switching weapons over and over for no reason.

It’s one of the many instances that cause microstutters, like pressing E on a camp to select as respawn. If you’re fine with stuttering, good for you, but I’m not, at all, especially when this game suffers from it so much.

A bowman does swap twice in a row for the haste, so there’s an example for you.

I’m pretty sure the game has a memory leak, because performance goes down the drain after 1 or 2 hours playing, and restarting the game is the only fix.


It’s the same with anything running on windows. Either game or simply letting PC on for days, after restart its smoother.

Even a bow does double swap, but not 50 sec of constant swapping.

It does. Each time u leave arena or opr or dungeon it does get worse.

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Nothing on my PC runs like that even if I don’t restart it for a couple of weeks.


it doesn’t matter if i switch quickly or not, when you have this bug you can’t comfortably play until you restart the game.

I have no issue in any war, OPR or arena with switching weapons.

Just pressing button to switch before actually ‘taking weapon out’ it makes no sense, unless u want that bow buff but even in that situation u dont keep spam it for 1 min constantly.

But I personally always restart my client before wars. But I’ve done that in all past games I’ve played, New World isnt an exception.

Oh God read what i write carefully, this game starts to lag impossibly after a few arenas or oprs, the weapon switching video just shows the problem itself, for some reason other games don’t have this problem, this is a New World problem and it’s not normal, many people i know have the same bug

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Ur PC is to weak. I’ve just said that I’m not having any issue. But whatever. I wont bother u anymore.

so you definitely better know what kind of pc I have, understand one thing, if you don’t have a problem just pass by, I need an answer from the developer.

My PC spec:
Intel 9900k 5.0 overclock
Gpu 2080 super
Ramm 32 gb

Performance problems SHOULD be all hands on deck

The problem you’re having is after too many heart gem abilities are used, specifically vines, has a memory leak/shader issue, causing the game to implode

Workaround is restarting the client every hour or so

I know that restarting helps, but it’s a crutch, not a solution, that’s why I wrote that it should be the number one priority for developers, but it seems they don’t care that they have a leaky client

Oh? How does it seem that way? /s

No answer, no fix, no nothing long time


Don’t be silly. Weapon swap has been bugged since launch. It’s currently on known issues.

Literally a bug for over a year.


still waiting for a comment from the devs

This is very annoying. Especially since I spend a lot of my time running around looking for open world and the big decides to kick in right when I find someone