Weapon with more that 30 stat point past 610 gs

I think there is a bug with item that got double stat (for exemple : Focus + constitution).

Now that my void gunlet is 611 (VG), it give me 31 stat point.
Befor i upgraded it, my VG was 20 focus, 10 constitution and since it is 611 it’s : 21 focus, 10 constitution

Wherease my 611 life staff give me 30 stat point (+30 focus).

but i’m not sure about the root cause, not enought shard to test !

my 611 VG :

my 613 life staff :

This is by design! Personally was not aware what happens when a split stat weapon is upgraded… I guess the first attribute gets the extra point? But either way, yeah upgrading your weapon will give them an additional attribute point (plus bump other things like base damage and percentage effects on weapon perks)

All Weapons after a certain GS give you +1 Stat.
You life staff will get the +1 at 616 i believe.

hmm not sure it is by designe, one of my friend got a 616 bow with only 1 stat and still have 30 dex

I do not know for sure, but I think it is a rounding issue.

If you have a + one stat only, each time you upgrade, it gets X percentage higher. Once it gets past the .5 of the level, i.e. 30.49 to 30.51 it will then show as +31.

If you have a + two stat item, each time you upgrade it will impact the first stat first, then the 2nd stat. So when you upgrade it upgrades the top stat first.

Now . . . I think there is a number that makes an item go from 1 level to another and it is 20 GS. Each point in that 20 GS increments the +stat. Visually though, we only see the whole number. At the 20GS mark it will show the new number. Now if you have a TWO stat item, that bump is +10GS per stat.

So if you have a 20 str 10 dex and it goes to 610 it should should 21 str and 10. Why because the range to go from a 20 to a 21 in experience is less than it is to go from a 30 to a 31.

If you look at how they handle crafting where the XP required to go per level gets higher as you move up, I think they did something similar here.

make sens but an official statement on this could be nice as it is not mention in mutator update patch

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