Weapon with the highest skill ceiling

So with all the dishonest “gamers” on these forums trying to get everything they don’t like nerfed, I think someone should explain to us “idiots”, which weapon has the highest skill ceiling?

Because apparently it isn’t any of the 2handers, Bow, Musket, Rapier, Hatchet, Spear, or Lifestaff.

So that leaves Blunderbuss, Ice Gaunt, Firestaff, Void Gaunt?

Honestly which weapon actually has a high skill ceiling? Everyone is so quick for nerfs so someone explain why they feel the need to get everyones playstyle nuked.

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Of everything you listed I think spear is the only one that hasn’t had a recent nerf thread. That includes your 2nd list, all of those have been complained about repeatedly.

Honestly I think it depends per person…
I don’t think the Blunderbuss is hard but maybe Tom does… and maybe I think the Greatsword is really hard but Tom rocks it.

Just IMO

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Musket clearly most skill dependent because you gotta aim which is hard.

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Like real life… it’s not the weapon that kills you.

It’s the person wielding it.


That hitscan though, makes it just point and click. no thought about bullet drop and distance

Makes bow even more skill dependent since it isn’t hitscan, technically.

100% this as well. Like I have at least a basic understanding of every physical weapon, but I don’t really know magic weapons since I don’t really like to use them. Mostly for being an affront to god (/s).

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Everyone loving the Greatsword
But I tried to like it… and I don’t.
Beyond my LS/VG I found I enjoyed Spear/BB the most.

clearly the answer is the powder keg.


Spear is def the highest celling DPS and the lowest floor. Fire staff also in second ou think . BUT I think the most important is to learn stamina maganement and how to cancel-animation, this is why I think spear is the highest skill dps

  • Blunderbuss: Can “1 combo” suckers with minimal effort. It can also be a bloodstain on the ground when they’re caught, cc’d and punished for running low con.

  • Ice Gauntlet: Has the largest AOE in the game that can’t miss. Has a 20m AA construct. Gets a 0 Mana costing full cleanse. An easy to land wall and repugnant infinite slows.

  • FireStaff: A 0 cooldown ability with minimal mana drain.

  • Musket: Most people walk into your reticle. Gets you banned by default. Worst attribute scaling. Is in a custody battle between FPS players & Aimbotters.

  • Bow: Has 2x hitbox

  • WH: Has braindead stamina break and can apply 4 debuffs with 1 spell. Bonkers attribute scaling.

  • GA: Has braindead stamina break with an all you can eat buffet of empowerment nodes. Bonkers attribute scaling next to its Brother the WH.

  • Hatchet: Gets fucked by everything, defy death & berserk are the only reasons anyone equips it.

  • Spear: The poster child for killing healers

  • Rapier: A duelist weapon turned into a get out of jail free premium card.

  • Void Gauntlet: A mage weapon with lifesteal. It just happens to have “Focus” scaling. Oblivion is just as big as Ice Storm. Got nerfed over a root. Is still hated for its life steal. It likes to eat buffs.

  • Great Sword: Has multiple different debuff applications crammed in together deciding that it wants to be a league of legends champion.

  • Life Staff: A 0 escape, 0 utility, 0 cc stick with 1 singular job that is hated by default because KDA junkies get mad.

  • Shield & Sword: Neglected, Beaten, and then Nerfed because it just happens to work will with the other 13 weapons. Will probably get nerfed again if it pairs with GS.

No such thing as weapons having a skill ceiling in New World. The only “Skill” is in application of your chosen weapon combination.


That’s an unfair assessment, there are no counters to healing directly, and even diseased perks only dampens it’s effectiveness. Even so, it barely affects healing output. Paired with rapier and you’ll need a team to prevent LS/Rapier from escaping and healing to full health.

No it’s quite fair.

False. When you strategically and effectively apply disease and crowd control a healer dies. Healers are not some immortal gods. Only to those who do not apply tactics well. Being in a sacred ground is a double sided effect that runs the risk of being body blocked. Combined with effective usage of ccs including War hammer that can apply 4 debuffs aside from the other weapons that can near infinitely stack additional debuffs a healer loses.

There are multiple counters to healers. claiming that there is “no counter” is disingenuous.

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Diseased does absolutely nothing to a healer, they can easily cleanse those with the perk from the earring. CC must be applied constantly, so you’ll need 3 - 5 people on a healer, and if they’re clumping on a healer that’ll drag the enemy clump there as well. They can riposte and fleche away to safety.

We can Theorycraft here the whole day but the truth of the matter is, healing is busted in New World especially when paired with Rapier. Anyone who is playing PVP knows and understands this.


Hard disagree. Combined with CC it renders them useless against the burst meta. It is a matter of how well your application of the mechanics is against your opponent.

We can spend the whole day on the topic. It will always be a skill issue. With the LS and with all 13 weapons. And when the GS comes out it will be the same there as people who refuse to apply or learn the mechanics will be right up the forums ass spamming the exact same parroting line of “OP , Please NERF”

Firestaff - if you don’t use flamethrower is one of the highest skillceiling weapon.

Musket - you have to land one shot - powderburn - else you hit like wet noodle considering all the server desyncs and lags and i-frames hitscan is like Shooting yourself in the knee

Bow I guess? If they decrease the truckhitbox I’ll consider it being high skill ceiling

I guess ice gauntlet ice spike build not everyone can just pick it up and learn how to hit stuff properly.

Outside of those 4 and their special builds rest is either faceroll or unga bunga mouse clicking


I appreciate you.

It’s been face roll and unga bunga mouse clicking.

The forums highlight the fact that most players just cry to get shit nerfed and think they’re actually talented on their weapons.

I mean I’m baffled by the musket nerf topics while I’m running like hell away from all the hatchet SnS people witch-hunting me in OPR.
People say there’s no counterplay to musket while I can easily say there’s no counterplay to SnS hatchet as musket rapier. So all in all perfectly balanced

People for some reason just want to be in heavy and have the mobility of a jet fighter while instantly killing everything ( BB / rapier build in heavy kekw)

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Yeah, they just need to be like.

I’m a dumpster player, plz help.