Weapons and combat

What about adding 2h sword,crossbow and more weapons?

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More weapons will be added in the future.
The void gauntlet is next in line.

They are definitely not far off. Those weapons have been mentioned multiple times over the years, and were actually shown in some screenshots at one point.

Are there any details when should it be added and what will it do?

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No, there’s only the data mine post about the abilities and the teaser NW posted on twitter.

Patiently waiting for Greatswords!!

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I’d love to see some more options for healing/magic in general first than some more weapons.
We have life staff, fire staff, ice gauntlet (with void gauntlet confirmed), so 4 magic weapons.

Compared to Great Axe, War Hammer, Sword, Rapier, Spear, Hatchet, Bow and Musket (with blunderbuss and daggers confirmed), so 10 weapons.

We need more magic weapons.

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