Weaponsmith Hat/Pants drop rate increase PLEASE

The drop rate for the weaponsmithing HAT and Pants need a major increase. My company and I have farmed way too many times for these items to drop. Please increase the drop rate or add to other locations. There is so many posts about this I don’t see why this hasn’t been addressed.

Thank you


some weaponsmithing pants finally dropped on my server and i heard they sold for like 250k :woozy_face:

I agree the drop rate for these should be increased!


We’re asking for this since November but they don’t care :slight_smile:

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yeah its abyssmal. wish i knew the pants were damn near impossible to get before i sank a crap ton of gold into levelling up my weaponsmithing. Ive killed malevolence so any times i dont even know how many hours ive spent there. And ive only ever seen two people get it since they fixed it. Thats ridiculous. CRAFTING GEAR my dudes. ITS CRAFTING GEAR. How you gunna lock crafting gear behind an awful drop rate, in a place where the boss takes forever to respawn AN you have to fight waves of mobs before it even shows up. So stupid


Yes, please increase the drop rate on these items.

Ridiculously bad drop rates on these…

I can sell you the hat for 75k and the pants for gold cap if your interested.

If not increased, they need to remove the cap on Loot. In my experience, only 3-5 people can get Loot from a Boos. And most of the time is just Pots. That’s utterly ridiculous and extremely unrewarding the effort.

Bosses in this game are just obstacles.

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Working as intended is the only response I have seen. The abysmal .00000001% drop rate, why are these items nearly impossible to get? Will the new smelting gear be in the last boss of mutations 10 or something? Completely ridiculous how hard it to get these.

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Me and my company are trying to get the pants for a week now and no drop.

We need just the hat and the pants to craft our 600 gs weapon. But it’s ridiculous to get it.

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