Weaponsmith Pants needs a FIX A.S.A.P!

So seriously! I have been farming these damn pants for over 3 weeks! I have gathered full zergs, run it with full flagged groups, countless hours per day trying to get these pants. Currently on Neno Kuni server there are a total of 0 on the Auction House and haven’t been any since the server merge 3 weeks ago. I have farmed the boss in full pearl voidbent, with double luck jewels, and trophies (also without these items) and still I have only seen about a total of 5 pants drop (not to me of course) in all that time!!! The pant are selling for approximately 150K when there is a pair for sale about once every few days! This is totally unreachable for most players and is absolutely the worst setup I’ve ever seen in a game for someone who normally enjoys crafting! Instead of making the game more enjoyable the DEVS seem to be making it even more and more of a grind every single patch! Getting FED up, I really enjoy playing this game but OMG fix this! Okie I’m done ranting and please if you wanna comment keep the comments to yourself, this shouldn’t be as intended or what the DEVS wanted, if it is that’s just poor game development or planning!




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