Weaponsmith pants stupidly rare

Not only do you have to spend a crapload of gold and resources to get 200 weaponsmithing,
you also have to farm a level 66 boss for days on end to have a chance at getting weaponsmith pants so you can make 600 gs weapons.

Keep in mind on most servers these pants sell for upwards of 150k gold.

I repeat, a 400 gs pants that gives +2 weaponsmithing is one of the most rarest item in the game.


I would not mind it if the boss was easier to complete. He requires 2 full groups to make the runs easy.

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Yeah you’re not wrong lmao. Somebody ended up having the entire server farming them because he was paying 45k for them. He did end up getting them though lol.

45k, thats cheap. they go for 100k+ on my server.

It’s actually good, because it has a very powerful perk.

The only thing they should change is that they have to make it into legendary t5 pants (because it actually is).

Bah! You want rare try the Chef shirt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i`m still trying :frowning:

I agree, this is super silly imo. The drop rate on weaponsmith pants are ridiculously low - and chef shirt too, never even seen chef shirt… ever

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