Weaponsmithing crafting lower than 595 with lifestyle buff + 3x legendary trophies, food and full set - pants (not obaintable)

In your megathread about bugs you mention “The armorer’s inspiration buff has stopped working”
This is not true we craft 595 items all the time but on weaponsmithing with 3 major trophies and full set except the pants that you cannot get due to Entroyp in Malevolence dont respawn i still make below 595 wich should be possible with all trophies+food+armor+earring.
So id say its the weaponsmithing one that doenst work.
Also fix that drop because now its not possible to craft 600 GS weapons if u aint extremely lucky on server up after maintenance.
Shouldbe 595-598 if working correctly.

// MagicaDeHex

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