WEDDINGS?! man I got an idea >< pls make it happen!

Okay, so I saw in data mine THERE IS A WEDDING OUTFIT?! it looked ugly though (horses confirmed guys)

This gave me some ideas.

  • Interactions between two people that need consent. Eg (Hugging) there should be an interaction menu on the players interaction that shows “Hug” and the other player consents to being hugged (just like how u accept duels)

I think that would be so cute…as well as kick and stuff but u get the hang of it xD

Thank you ASG team. Although u guys have been forking up since release, I do know u are working hard to make the game great.
I think when u guys do something Good it should be praised and I am very happy about this.

I hope things get sorted out as time goes by and that by the end of December, u guys have sorted most things out :3

I am looking forward to new year being a flipover for new world.

Hoping u can make this happen :heart:

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