Weekly Mutated Expeditions

What ags think about increasing expeditions weekly run cap to 30-35 and reset to m1 every week?
Guys , what do you think about this opinion ?
i think this can be good for new players and more expedition more fun.
Thanks ^^

I’d stop doing mutations if they reset to M1 weekly lol


No , you dont.

I undoubtedly would stop doing them. M1-M9 is not a challenge for me and my group. Being forced to re-do them weekly in each mutation would be a huge put off and I’d just move on. Simple as that. I’d wager to guess the majority of players would too. It’s nonsensical.

I think this would hurt a lot of people but it also leaves newer players getting into mutations at a disadvantage as well. Its hard to find to find a group running m1 because most players are already running m10 and don’t want to waste a run doing a low lvl since its capped

Honestly it would be a Amazon type of feature: ‘extreme friendly attitude’.

Yea, it might help a lot of people to fill up slots between M1-M9. Probably before M10 they will learn mechanics.
But this would give headaches to Shards Sellers… so let’s protect them and let them sell bound items that are not supposed to be ‘sold/traded’.

Modifying the proposed idea, why not just make the 25 per week limit apply only for M10s and any tier under that (M1-M9) is 10 per day or something.

This could also be greatly beneficial for current and prospective speed runners, M9 serves as a nice training ground for expedition clearing theory crafting. The affixes are exactly the same, the only difference is GS recommended (damage you deal/take).

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Honestly, this is brilliant.

25/day though, just like Reg dungeons.