Weirdest and worst Dev Video

The weirdest and worst video ever.

And it’s for the anniversary of the game.

No date for new servers, no roadmap, no announcement of raids(almost), next weapon, event, whatever.

Just nothing.


Imagine discussing for 90 minutes without saying 1 interesting thing. Well played AGS.


I think, they need to release new dev video #2 in 2-3 days. :thinking:

We did get loadouts, mounts and raids finally officially confirmed. So there was atleast 3 interesting things lol.


you guys are negative yak

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If I may make a suggestion to the people in the video… You all sound like your about as excited as one gets waiting in line at the DMV all day only to not have your number called. It’s like watching a video from people who are being held against their will and told to read a script for the camera. Please, show some enthusiasm and practice what you say before you say it. Boring, bland, and way to long for what was being discussed. Also if you’re going to film a 1.5 hour discussion, please smile more, the guy in the green birthday hat looks like he wants to run.

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The video talked about a lot of things we already knew about but things they haven’t gone into details about themselves. That’s fine.

Yeah, I agree that they could have and maybe should have dropped a roadmap for us on the anniversary but at the same time, right now everything is about brimstone sands. It would be unwise to pull the attention away from the next big update before it’s even dropped.

Also, in this dev update we got official confirmation of build management, mounts, raids, daggers… sorta, solo queue for 3v3 and more solo content from what I can remember. That’s all pretty big and gives us a general idea of what’s coming the the future while we wait for the roadmap which they also confirmed as coming in the October dev blog - a more appropriate time to release it in my opinion.

If you have constructive criticism, great. But this post just rings negative disrespectful for no reason than you were disappointed.

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