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Hey folks, I’m a new player on my 4th day. I was disgusted seeing bots everywhere the moment I started. From experience, I don’t see this game lasting as long as other MMOs. It is claimed that there’s still a huge number of players, but still, it seems like 50% of those numbers are bots, maybe more.

I’ve heard an argument about the bot accounts making Amazon Games money, because each account is $40. Well, that’s not exactly true, because this game is sold for about $10 with other currencies.

What do you people think about the bots? For me, as a new player on my 4th day, they are really hurting my income. Since I don’t have gear to kill monsters, I gather materials to sell, but the materials I’m selling just don’t bring in worthwhile money. Its so bad that 40% of the time I’m about to collect a material, a bot beats me to it… This sucks. :frowning:

I’ll return when I hear about this bot problem being solved, if ever.
Over and out!


the bots are definitely horrible and amazon is horrible for its lack of response. however, i’ve had no real trouble playing the game with bots. it was difficult to learn how to deal with them, but if you pay attention, you can actually benefit from them. still, that’s absolutely no excuse for amazon’s incompetency. but also still, the game is great and you’re the only one missing out by not playing it.

I do not what to do !


I have reported the same 5 bots for 10 days now, and they still run around on my server. I can even see how they lvl up doing only gathering :slight_smile: Tbh i don’t even think any1 is reading the reports!!!


Fully agree with you. I’ve played about 300-400 hours and I was really tired reporting those bots. For me personally this game is the worst experience in MMORPG

I agree, I have reported 17 bots so far, they still running around. Nothing is done to them. I dont see benefits to real honest player.


There is no second opinion - there are to many bots ingame and ags has much work to do.

But please… 50%? Thats overdramatic.

Not over dramatic. Hyperbole to make a point.

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get a refund before steam doesn’t allow you to.

AGS just blatantly ignoring bots, shutting down forum posts because “you should use the in-game reporting feature” even though the in-game reporting feature doesnt work.

Literally, refund whatever you spent and buy a better game.


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