Well guardian main quest

Cool. I was wondering what GS I needed to get past that gate.
I can wait for the patch. I am happier.

21 million hp wtf were they thinking??


Not easily addressed? Delete that stupid wall that stops entry and “ta-da!” people can help other people do the quest. Seems like devs in this game have an affinity for taking tons of time to “think” about how they want to fix it instead of just fixing it.


Hell, Well Guardian drops some piece of +quality gear for Engineering or Jewel Crafting - bring down the wall and level 60’s would farm the thing anyways. Bam, now players dont even have to solo it! Wait, how many issues does that fix? 1. Walls down, so other can help. 2. Other players are actively drawn to help by an item. 3. That item can now enter the market on a regular basis instead. All that just by deleting a wall. Crazy, right?

What, you want to make people find a group for 2 hours for people on the same step of the quest to fight one mob that takes 2 minutes to kill? Yes, lots of social interaction on that one. The amount of frustration these devs cause is insane.

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Don’t feel bad. I’ve done this quest twice with no completion…

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New World Forums

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Developer Corner

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Developer Corner




LuxendraCommunity Manager



Hey Adventurers,

Thank you so much for your feedback since we posted the first Update on Current Issues Dev Blog. We appreciate everyone’s interest into our communication and where we’re going with New World and we want to continue being transparent and communicative on how we plan to reach our goals and address outstanding issues.

Server Transfers

Our top priority with server transfers is to address the edge cases that have blocked players from using their free transfer token.

While the vast majority of players were able to transfer servers without issue, there is a population of players who have been unable to use their transfer token due to ‘ghost contracts’ at the trading post. These edge cases require manual investigation and intervention.

To those players who are waiting to use their tokens until these contracts are resolved, a recent service change should have unblocked those with invisible open contracts. There is an outstanding issue with transfer blocks due to pending contracts which our team is working to resolve.

The first round of server transfers provided a lot of lessons for us to learn from, and we apologize that it has been at the expense of some of you joining your friends on a server of your choice. After transfers have been unblocked and our investigations into these cases are complete, we are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes.

Region Transfers

Our team is gauging interest in cross-region transfers. If you are interested in moving your character to a different available region (for example, your character is in EU Central but you would like to transfer to a world in US East) please add your details to this forum post .

It is important for us to get a solid understanding of what is most important to you, and how impactful this feature would be for everyone when making roadmap decisions. This is a feature in development, meaning that alongside your input and development, we need to perform validation and scale testing to reduce the chance of edge cases.

Server Merges

Server merges are on the horizon. But what does this actually mean? There are a few action items that need to be addressed before we are confident that merging worlds will be a net positive experience for our players.

We need to test our technology. We had tested world merges in Closed Beta which caused a persistence issue that has since been resolved, and we continue to test merges with our team and non-public worlds. Since Beta, we have addressed issues as they arise, and have added quality of life changes like a countdown timer for worlds set to merge. The Public Test Realm (PTR) provides us with our next opportunity, tentatively scheduled for Monday morning (PST), to further test this technology before using it in the live game.

When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for merge, including but not limited to population size and overall engagement.

Tactically, worlds are merged within a world-set. This allows us to streamline the merge process by removing the requirement to check for multiple characters per player (this is why only one character is allowed per world set), as well as checking language recommendations (recommendations are made at the set level).

But there is more nuance to these merges. Once we’ve identified a world as a candidate for merge, we compare it to the existing worlds by reviewing elements like faction representation and overall population in the set to find the most optimal partner world. While we cannot guarantee exact matches, we make every attempt to choose worlds for merge that are complementary.

Players on worlds identified for merge will be informed in advance of the plan. Players with characters on a merge candidate world will not lose their progress (including gold, items, faction, and company); however, territories will belong to the companies on the partner world. For example, if World X is confirmed as a merge candidate, and World Y is identified as the partner world:

  • Players on World Y are not impacted, other than an influx of players on the world. World Y territory ownership persists after the merge. Companies are compensated 50K Coin, which is 3.3x the cost of war, for loss of territory ownership due to a world merge.
  • World X characters are relocated to World Y - characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items remain intact, but territory ownership will not persist on the new world.

At this time we are not offering transfers to players after a world has been merged. This position may change as we learn more.

War can’t be declared issue

There were a few reports of companies not being able to declare war despite feeling they had earned over the 10% influence threshold. We recently fixed a bug where, if many players from a faction all turned in PvP missions at the same time, the influence was applied to the race, but not credited to the company. That fix seems to have resolved most cases of this; if you are aware of other issues please let us know. We are also looking into displaying a company’s contribution % so there is more transparency on their progress versus the threshold, but no timeline for this yet.

We have also received a few reports of players being unable to select a tier of war camp. We are investigating why this is occurring but have not been able to track down the issue yet, so no timeline for a fix yet.


Thanks for your questions and feedback regarding our luck system! We’re happy to provide more detail here as to how the system works under the hood.

There are two ways we interpret luck:

  1. An overall scale that you can think of as a ratio of when things occur or a percentage chance to occur.
  2. A relative scale that has a movable odds range based on other values we add into it.

Things like enemies and searchable containers use Method #1 above, where anything in their drop list can occur, and your luck stat increases the likelihood of you getting the less common items in the list. In New World’s loot model, drop tables are divided up into overall rarities, with rarer groupings of items living “higher” on the roll table than more common items. There are entire sets of items that drop less frequently than other sets, and equipment is a great example of how we do this.

There are collections of equipment that live at different general probabilities: a “Common” set, “Family” sets, and “Elite” sets. Rarer still are the more context-specific Expedition sets and Named Items. Common items have the broadest possible perk roll variety, Family sets have slightly more narrow perk roll variety and a higher chance to roll perks, and Elite sets only come from Gold-Bar (elite) enemies and have narrower perk rolls and an even higher chance to roll perks. Expeditions items almost always roll some perks, and Named items come with a pre-set selection of perks that don’t roll.

Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

Gatherables (but not Fishing) use method #2 above. As your Luck stat increases, it gradually enables new items to drop from the tables. This means that if your luck values are totally unmodified, there are some items in those tables that it are impossible for you to obtain without a bonus. This is particularly useful for “AND” tables, or tables that give you more things as they roll higher. If we were to use this with “OR” tables, it would actually decrease or even eliminate your chances of getting items in the lower roll ranges of the table (so we don’t do that). We set up these tables to “open up” more as your base luck grows to avoid inundating lower-skill-level players with less-common items that they would have no use for until progressing much further in other, relevant skills. We also use it to plant little surprises and new things to find as you level your gathering skills!

Additionally, we don’t use percentages in our data notation, we use integer-based roll ranges to apply probability weights to the chances of a specific thing dropping.

For instance, let’s the roll range on regular tree is 100,000 (because it is!), but somewhere above that range, say 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish, this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance to get a fish. But if your luck was modified by say, 10,000, your roll range increases from 0-100,000 to 10,000-110,000, which gives you a (roughly) 5% chance to get that fish when you chop down the tree. If you only increased your luck by 5000, you would have a 0.00001% chance at that fish…but that’s why our luck increases from things like food and equipment are pretty chunky so we avoid cases where your luck value is “stuck” in an unfortunate “ultra low odds of a thing” state.

With gatherables in particular, increasing your gathering skill adds base luck to your roll, with Level 200 granting a total bonus of 2000 to your base rolls. There aren’t any cases in the game where not having a luck bonus will prevent you from getting an item as long as the associated Trade Skill is at 200. You can use food and equipment to further increase your drop chances, or even enable some items to drop for you “earlier” in your progression!

Thanks for the interest in our luck system! It was fun to answer it. See you in Aeternum!

Incentivizing Players to Join a Less Dominant Faction

To help balance factions we currently have 2 mechanisms in place. First, we give underdog factions extra influence to give them a better chance at earning the right to declare war. Second, we do not allow players to switch factions to the dominant faction. Very soon, we will be reducing the time between faction switches from 120 days to 60 days, which should help move some people into underdog factions.

We are actively discussing ways to incentivize players to join less dominant factions, but we don’t have a plan or time frame yet. A couple of the options we have discussed are gameplay buffs to underdog factions or a more target incentive to groups within the dominate faction to switch over for rewards if they successfully capture territories. Let us know what you think would most incentivize you!

Our Stance on Exploits

A bug is when a game mechanic doesn’t work as intended or described in game. Bugs are things that happen by accident to players and we aren’t interested in suspending or banning in the case of accidents. A bug becomes an exploit when players use it intentionally, repeatedly, or both to obtain an advantage over normal game behavior. In cases where it doesn’t seem very clear to an average player that something is a bug, when possible we’ll specifically identify particular bug use as an exploit to warn they will be acted upon.

An example might be a spawn bug. Let’s say there is a particular creature that only spawns once an hour. A player stumbles upon a sequence of actions that cause the creature to spawn instantly. The first time this happens is a bug. But if the player starts going through the sequence many times to spawn the creature and kill it for loot, they’ve become exploitive, using the bug to gain faster loot access than a regular player would.

If you have to ask many questions past this common sense layer (how many times? What if it’s the same sequence to force spawning but actually a different creature? etc) then you are likely in exploit territory. There are far too many variations here to cover with a blanket rule.

How do we penalize on players deliberately utilizing exploits to win wars or farm gear?
Usually our course of events is to suspend players temporarily first, then switch to banning if the behavior repeats. There are particularly egregious cases where we might fully ban even on first event, if we felt there was sufficient evidence it was done deliberately.

Both of these issues are separate from use of third party software to gain advantage in game. That is not a bug, and a player who is doing this should expect to be fully banned as it against the TOS.

Quest and Quest Design

We’ve been gathering data and feedback on quests and storytelling since launch, and we appreciate everyone who’s shared their thoughts on the forums and social media. There are many ways we want to improve the quest experience in New World, but your input is essential for helping us set priorities.

The most significant areas of concern we’ve identified are the lack of variety in quest dynamics, quests that require players to undertake long travel times, and the ways in which our storytelling in individual quests and across the whole of the game could be more compelling. Additionally, there have been several specific issues with long spawn times and excessive difficulties with some named enemies in both the main story and side quests.

The good news is that many improvements are already in-progress. A sample of some of the efforts under way right now:

  • New task types integrated into existing quests in the main storyline, including wave events, destructible objects, and some light traversal mechanics
  • More enemy variety and improved spawn scaling
  • Major Enemies in the Main Story Quest Series adjusted to more appropriate difficulty (i.e. Well Guardian)
  • New quests and quest givers spread out across existing zones, closer to the locations they’re asking players to visit
  • New and improved quests in higher level zones.
  • Some quest gating improvements to allow for more optimized travel times
  • Tracker and Map updates to differentiate the various types of quests and missions
  • The new storyline associated with the Varangian Knights, which will play out further in future releases
  • New presentation methods to highlight major story moments in the game

From devblog#2 on forums looks like guardians being worked on yaaaay !!!

This quest is an example of the many glaring poor design choices in this game that made me quit. I’m glad that now major bugs are being addressed people can see all the bad design that was hiding behind them.

I’ve been stuck on this quest for over 2 weeks now.

I just found a group doing it today and didn’t get credit for it. The dumb part is I didn’t notice until the people I had killed the boss with had zoned out of the area.

I have never played another MMO before with a main story quest designed so badly as this one.

It also doesn’t help that my server is dead and it takes hours for outpost rush to pop.

It took me 3 days to find a party, when finally I found someone this night, I went there, I was left out party (there were two parties, we were eleven) I died and I haven’t got the kill.
Now, I can’t call this a bug, this is a design flaw, and for me is a big red flag. I have my character stuck on main story, and I can not go on because only who have the quest can enter in that cave, but… the number of players that need to do that quest is not the same as before, making a party for that quest is hard right now, and we are not talking about a secondary quest, this is the main quest of the entire game.
I passed many thing, bugs, and design flaws of this game. But the recent duping of items and this flaw got me. I stop playing now, I feel cheated, this is beta version of a flawed, bugged and incomplete game.


I’m so disgusted with the Main Story questline that I stopped at Dynasty. Not sure if that’s where this Well Guardian is or not. I wasted my orb in depths and took weeks to complete that one, then just gave up. I just really don’t care at this point. Having Expeditions as part of the MAIN STORY quest line is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen. Been a mmoRPG player since 1999 (Everquest ftw).

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Well guardian is a couple of quests after dynasty

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It took me three days, actually, and I play 16 hours a day…

You guys know about this from long ago when i first complained about on all forum sections… it take maybe less then 10 min for a small change in the code to remove the restriction so everyone can enter or to remove the dor or to remove that quest from the game… is over 2 weeks and you did nothing… you have no ideea how many ppl quit because of that quest, i know few personaly.

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almost a month now and STILL it has the restriction of being on it to help ppl.

they dont care dude… they broke the game more and more and more, they wanna rush it to close, they got their money

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I think the well gaurdian can be 2 manned now, with bright potion’s, their also nerfing it again in upcoming 12 December update

Yep I did it duo. It used to have 21mil hp, now it Has like 500k or something. Its easily doable now but still hits like a truck

I can solo the MF with no problem BUT he keeps pushing me into the walls, then relocating and healing like WTF who tested this crap. AG you need a tester team asap not the junk you probably have atm…

mmmm. I’m level 60 and i havent done WG yet. been 60 since the 7th day of launch, Youre not held back from groundbreaking material/content lol. Relax

Use a blight resistance pot/tincture;
Clear the ads;
use a ranged weapon.

EZ solo.

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