Well. Now what?

Let me be honest, who wants to keep playing this game in this state? I feel stupid playing a game that does not punish exploiters in a persistent world but the honest players, where you have to invest a lot of time just to see how dozens of players destroy all your time investment with a few clicks.

I’ve tried to bypass all that and try to keep playing, only to see that the endgame is to open chests on a map with hundreds of players doing the same thing day after day.

And now this again? I just want to ask the developers and managers of New World if they would play their own game.

Please give me reasons to keep playing.


They wouldn’t.

They aren’t.

If they were, nobody would need to tell them this: Ban people with dual monitors - #85 by Meireles

And you wouldn’t see developers making it clear they don’t know how far the radar range is: Ban people with dual monitors - #59 by FancyFenrir

If any developer at all actually played the game that would have been either fixed or put in the known issues list long ago.

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I am afraid this is the end…


I followed around a logging bitter (Jodonfish on Orofena) for 5 hours one day after reporting them; during that 5 hours, I noticed how their rather sophisticated botting software was able to (sort of) defend itself from mob attacks with axe + life staff before resuming its tree farming. I encouraged people nearby to report them too; many were amused and all said they reported them. Within that 5 hours; nothing happened. Do our reports just go into a void? Honestly… any CSM wanna answer that?! Do our reports just go into a void?!

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