Welp. It finally happened to me :(

No contest to your overall comment, but I just want to note that they knew how many copies of the game they sold…I just don’t see how they didn’t see this coming, and either implement fast solutions or warn people? I feel like for a lot of those who are new or semi-new to MMOs its a HUGE shock and turn off to them.

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There will be a mass exodus of people. When transfers open up, the ques will be considerably smaller. The main issue is people not wanting to lose their progress or character names and start over. For many, if not most, they will have no sweat transferring themselves and their circles when allowed. But 2 weeks is odd. I think it’s to see how the servers level out. however there should be an immediate allowance of transfers for maybe 2 or 3 servers? Won’t eliminate ques, but will at the very least cut them.

Adding servers will not fix queues if the server is at max capacity.
If server A has a que of 5k people and they add a new server X. The queue is not going to go down on server A as everyone has dug in on that server.

Moving people from server A (with a carrot preferred) will reduce server A’s queue as people move to server X. But until that happens, the queues will stay the sam.

Well thats my take on all this.

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I put “business hours” in quote intentionally - in other words, do it outside the core hours of the highest number of users - AKA, 3 to 5 AM, or what have you.

Same thing just happened to me, luckily with a queue that wasn’t as long. Started at 710, 1 hour 20 mins later was down to 220, then bam, error. Had to start fresh at 1050. :frowning: pretty irritating.

Please refer to Official Petition for Immediate Server Population Cap Increase

Another Queue Player

Re: We should choose a server with a shorter queue line…
That’s right, we should. But from where I sit, I am only allowed to have two total players, and when I am making my choice of a server I have no idea how long the queue will be. Are you suggesting that I should make a character then delete it over and over until I find a server that has a short queue?

No one will be doing that! That is just plain stupid.

What they should do is put the queue length right on the list of servers. Then we can see the length of all the queues when we are making our character the first time and choose wisely.

Happened to me!, had to restart game as the salvage items in inventory was bugged. Got down to 400, error and now im 1900. YAY

I think I only saw one post saying that but otherwise, I see more saying this is the best launch which is extremely laughable because it might not be the worst mmo launch, it is still a horrible launch. Going on 4 days now with no resolution is getting unacceptable.

I moved to a low population server and it keeps happening with Queue 1 as well. It isn’t a problem of population in this case, it’s a function of the queue to boot you regardless of your place in line. Even with no wait time I’m still put in position 1, and kicked to relog again. I can safely say it’s intentional now.

timed out while waiting for server to spawn the player HELP ME PLS

And restart my progress??? I’m over halfway to 60 with a lot of harvesting and life skills already leveled and i should have to do that again because they can not find a way to make their product playable for every one who purchased it?

Please post on the steam forums, everyone on these forums is a huge fanboy shill

Jeff Bezos should be ashamed if himself. He spent all his money on a dick rocket when he could have spent it on better servers for the Amazon game studio.

It’s a work day - that means most people are, you know, at work. Doing it in midweek daylight hours makes perfect sense as long as it’s not in a holiday window.

Replies like this are so dense. Why should people have to restart their characters just because they didn’t offer enough servers on launch day?

This is AGS’s problem, they need to dig into their wallets and fix it.

its ok buddy! Happened to me yesturday and i was super mad. But its getting better and soon will be fixed and we’ll all laugh about launch and pick flowers and smack rocks :slightly_smiling_face:

There were servers on launch day that had no ques. Quite a few of them. The problem is that players tried to jam into certain servers. Having 1000 or 200 servers wouldn’t matter if everyone was trying to log on to the same 5 because some streamer said he was going to play there or something.

PatrickOShay… the server screen shows you the polulation and how many are in queue…You totally can pick one with a low queue…the two character thing is dumb tho.

You guys don’t understand this is not an issue with servers themselves, but an issue with the game design… Where AWS designed world just for 2k players and have not implemented Server Channell system OR allowed one character to enter multiple servers.

They recently added new servers, but that won’t help shit… people don’t want to move out of the servers their communities play in… Of course! It’s not a single player game it’s an MMO…

I am actually blasted by how bad this is designed and that it went through some kind of vetting at the game dev studio.

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