Were is pvp zone

Hail hydra, srr for bad English.
I am pist ( same as 50% pvp boys)
Were is pvp zone, why i need go from spot to spot just to found sameone flaged in open world? I like 1 v1 open world pvp but is not damm existing in new world why? Put new zone in future pvp only zone


you’re here.

jk jk


:joy: I love that these posts still pop up so often.

ikr, usually +50 years old people plays this game, even thier ass hair is white but they still farm for pve, so no pvp for us brother.

Probably they will have a “Forged in Aeternum” video where they will complain how hard is to make a PvP zone. Stay tuned

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This always makes me chuckle.

The PvP crowd is the one who’s been so toxic during the Alpha that made the devs completely abandon the full PvP concept of the game.
Now they keep popping up wondering why they removed it.

If a free for all PvP zone were to be reinstated it would be completely empty because noone want to deal with PvP crowd, not even other PvPers.

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Wat do you mean? My company loves open world pvp “KDS ON TOP”"

They pop up so often because there is a high demand.

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That depends on the server. In Nysa you can find people for duels outside of windsward.

You are describing the exact time when PvP track went out, and evryone was doing quest in Great Cleave, this time was GLORIOUS, and guess waht, lead deleted it. Hours and hours of mass random pvp between all faction… :smiling_face_with_tear: Best time ever.

After that i guess there is nothing to add.
Dev don’t want us to have fun in PvP open world.

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Whu care about duels…

" I like 1 v1 open world pvp but is not damm existing in new world"


What your company loves is different from forcing what you love onto other players.

Incessant PvP from people who kill you while you just want to mind your own business is not fun.

The most successful PvP game I can think of is Sea of Thieves, and even there people are constantly chased out of the game by griefers.
I also though it was doing better, but apparently even its playerbase has dropped a lot.

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Like i say new pvp only zone, if you dont wana pvp dont go into pvp zone, sime like this ;D nobody forse you farm in pvp zone ;D in pvp zone ppl.going get same pvp not farm pve ;D

Ia diferent 1 v1 open world encounter vs random duel

Just go there flagged. You will find some ppl there flagged also.

When the rewards were better, you could find a lot of people for world PvP at Great Cleave, but not anymore.