Were servers checked before mentioning mergers?

  • Sitara, Hanan Pacha, Babilary, Argadnel, Barataria and Utensia for Arkadia Xi.

Sitara Pop- 59
Hanan Pacha- 80
Babilary- 45
Argadnel- 98
Barataria- 56
Utensia- 61

Even with all these mergers above still going to be sub 600 pop. There clearly needs to be more servers added to bring the pop to atleast 1000, otherwise you will take 6 dead servers out and create 1 dead one again after a couple weeks.

Hi there @StopShootingMe,

The team explained a bit about how they decided which servers to merge and why over in the [FAQ] Server Merges post

You can also find answers to other server merge questions there so feel free to take a look.

Hope this helps!

It does not help, if those 6 are merged into 1 then it will still be considered subpar pop. If those 6 are being merged into 1 higher pop server, then the post is poorly worded.

They don’t have a solution to this as they haven’t written the scripts to merge two different world sets together. At least this is how I’m depicting it. Best is to use your token if you got it. otherwise… rip sadly.

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Maybe this is a phase 1. They need to gather the low pop servers and consolidate them, then let players settle before they make any additional (possibly larger) mergers?

Also, maybe some merged servers, like this set that would have 600 pop after merger, are meant to be the place where new players are encouraged to go? They can’t have every server maxed out & need to be able to handle any future influx of new signups.

Just some guesses, anyway

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there are servers within this world set that are 200+ that could easily be added to this group.

Doesn’t make sense. That’s doubling down on the workload.

Thats false though. You have to account for the fact that the way server transfers work, at least right now, you cannot change to a server if youre marauder and the new server is dominated by marauder. So youd have to change to Covenant or Syndicate before you transfer to that new server. The same equation is going into merging. They cant merge 4 servers that are heavily marauder sided into a big server dominated by marauders. Theres so many other reasons why servers are being merged into the servers they selected. If you are not merged into an extremely healthy pop server then you need to just transfer. They cant just say well 20 of these servers have a pop of 10 people so lets throw all of them into Valhalla. Like they just wont do that.

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Where are you getting these numbers? The numbers I’m seeing for these servers is completely different.

well obviously they are going to be diff 2hrs ago vs 2d ago. At the time of the post those #s were pulled from new world status.

Okay, but to get the best idea, you always want to pull from the last peak time. Or at least compare to that same time the previous day and it’s peak, divide those two and then multiply the time you originally grabbed.

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