West Coast Merging

Dear AGS,
Just merge everyone to Ygg and save us a few dollars.


And Orun + Pluto + Ohonoo in US-East.


Forced to leave my company and server today. Really sad and a lot of people are frustrated cuz they are stuck and dont want to pay $15 to get the content they already paid for. I had 2 hour OPR ques and no m10 groups in camelot. That server used to be popping. West coast needs to be 1 server before everyone quits. There are people excited about the the content and are willing to go long in this game and they are getting screwed over because everyone funnels out of their server and leaves them to rot.

I honestly feel a server should have 800-1200 players on it, and it should be AGS responsibility to maintain that, not the players with these pay 2 transfer tokens. Bad system.


I am a tank for my company on camelot and didn’t even realize they wanted a m10 gen run until I saw them spamming in every chat but company lol. Golded it, but it was a good laugh in every chat cause there are no tanks left.

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I see m10s in camelot all the time.

Don’t mess up my gathering with more bots


Leave Ygg alone
Like there arent enough bots now…

YGG use to be the 3rd pop server in the west. The other two were healthier and yet transferred into YGG. Dunno why. That left the other two barely healthy and sometimes not even. Soon YGG will be over pop of toxicity.

Right now its go ygg, go east, or dont play. I was camelot and i quit after a 2 hour OPR que. Lost a good company but not worth staying if I cant play the game.

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Yeah I get that. I just didnt understand why people started moving to YGG in the first place considering the servers they were moving from were healthier to begin with.

Merge when?


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There’s barely enough player retention to make it viable at this point.

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We have 2k players at peak times. That’s one very healthy server, or two medium pop servers. Instead they have us on 4 dead servers with people continuing to quit or transfer east everyday since they are so dead.



Maybe Lilliput>Ygg

Before a full merger. But a lot of people wouldn’t like that. Can’t win, lol.

Needs to happen like this week or they wont have any players left to merge.


Ill tell you why people left El Dorado.

Camelot was considered the pvP server until one mega company took over the whole map. When that happened the cries that PvP wasn’t fun anymore were chanted by this mega company so they cam to El Dorado and did the same thing to El Dorado. Once El Dorado was consumed, Ygg was set in their crosshairs.

PvP players who have but one goal of owning the map ruined the servers.



Yep and AGS has lost a ton of players over this from all kinds of different servers but dont seem to care to do anything about it. Makes no sense.


Make the west coast region great again, we want merge, we want merge


My man, why are you blaming the players? This behavior is enabled and practically encouraged by AGS through the systems they put in place. AGS is the only one at fault here.

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