West Coast Merging

Seen it so many times now. This should have been fixed before they made a new dungeon it’s literally like nuking an entire server when those types show up.


not really, DG literally just took EF and WW then stopped caring and just warlogged lmao. honestly I think a lot of pvpers just got tired and bored fighting the same 4 companies and rosters

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boredom that is all

This ^. DG had a lot to do with killing Camelot for sure, because they owned like 5 territories and probably could have taken the rest if they wanted to. But they didn’t ruin El Dorado the same way. They only ever actually owned EF and WW, but they did merc in a lot of other wars. El D just felt like it was the same thing over and over every day, and no one played except War and pushing influence.

I really wish they would have done something to make war more accessible early on, so that it’s not the same 150 people in every war on a server, but I don’t think the overall game population is there to support that anymore. Might as well leave the war dogs to it, so that at least some people can still enjoy it. Because if they don’t have that, they’ll quit. Which means the RMT guys will also quit, and then we’ll be looking at a game that only has whatever hardcore PvE crowd is left. Probably cause an 80% population drop right there. If they had put in war cooldowns and done something about shell companies 4-5 months ago, the game might look a lot different. But they didn’t, and it doesn’t.

Finding M10 dungeons has actually gotten a little easier since everyone transferred off, although the quality of the groups is questionable. The market on El D is still crap if you want to actually make money. Gotta sell your BiS items on other servers if you get them. You don’t really see much moving if it costs over 100k. Everything seems to be cheaper here, though availability is a problem for some stuff. Global chat is dead half the time. OPR still pops relatively quick most of the time, but it feels like there is only ever 1 or 2 going on at any given time, so if you miss them both, you’ll have a wait.

I’m honestly struggling for reasons to log on. I’ve got a bunch of mats saved for after the next patch hits and crafting doesn’t suck anymore. But I’m not crafting anything until that happens. I don’t try to get into wars because I’m not available during the siege times. M10s are fun, but I can get maybe 1 or 2 of those in a day. I’ll do my daily faction bonus missions, and buy orbs for the loot box after the next patch. But other than that, I’ve maxed out all of my skills, and farmed or bought every piece of gear that can be dropped. So I’m logging on less and less, and I’ll probably move to a new game sometime soon, with occasional check-ins to New World.

I hope a merge also happens and wish for a USA Central server. lots are migrating to Ygg but its all the same players with the same issues that will arise. Wanted to transfer to east coast put ping is horrible for me. Central server may bring players from both coast, and a new server may create new opportunites.

None of this would be necessary if AGS didn’t have the player-controlled settlement system.
By completely removing that, there would be zero reason to tie anything to a server. Instanced activities can be cross server, which it should have been from the start.
Then any server size would be fine and merging wouldn’t be urgent at all.

Completely removing player control over settlements would make the delicate small-server model unnecessary. We saw the drawbacks of the small-server model at launch when people couldn’t get in to play with their friends. Now we see the drawbacks when players keep leaving and servers keep emptying out. It’s a bad model and probably the reason no one else uses it.

That’s a HINT AGS. Maybe you should research MMOs more carefully before designing and launching one. Just because no one is using it doesn’t mean it’s a winning unique design. After over 20 years of MMOs, it’s more likely a disaster waiting to happen, and sure enough New World has proven it.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But instead they held on to the settlement system despite being warned of exploits and loopholes even before launch.

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Please save the west coast region

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This has been AGS problem from day 1. Too slow to act. Sometimes not acting at all. They are making good changes but IMO its too little too late. Even some of the good changes are just compromises by switching one gate for another instead of just removing the friction.

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West neeeds help

Eldorado is slowly creeping to under 500 people at peak times, the lowest its ever been. I feel sorry for the brave souls in Camelot. Please lord Aeternum please save us

alot of west coasters came to east coast servers, THATS why the numbers seem better in US East. and the 4 servers left with decent pops are swallowed up by megacompanies and their shells.

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anytime now AGS…

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The slow pace of merging western servers is incredible


This is how many servers died. Top pvp company(s) taking whole map. Others force to quit game/tranfer. Server dead. Clans that killed it by being toxic to majority of clans/players transfer to next one and so on.


This was completely predictable when you look at the small-scale version, which is instanced matches with no league system. Like when you play 3v3 and it’s always against the same teams who keep wiping everyone.
When the same teams just continually stomp everyone else, then people start to quit because (1) they can’t get anywhere (2) it’s literally the same thing / players over and over (3) it’s boring.
In instanced PvP you can at least try to do proper matchups, but in OWPVP this is not possible.

Add to this players exploiting systems or using cheats every week since launch, and AGS not doing enough about it. Just look how fast they exploited the newest PvP mechanics and reward track with win trading in OWPVP.
And have we forgotten how wars in the first month of launch were won by inducing lag with the Ice Gauntlet? AGS was slow to fix, players used it, and then everyone else had no choice but to use it too because you simply couldn’t win without doing so.

So the underlying design is garbage and there are too many cheaters – poor design and inadequate management.
Neither of these have been addressed, so merging servers has been and will continue to be just a short-term solution.
Eventually there will just be one server per region, maybe even less than that. Then where are you going to go?


bump bump

Nah I’ll keep playing. You can’t make me quit.

I quit. I’ll keep an eye on the servers but at this point I feel pretty burnt out by all this.

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No one’s trying to make you quit. We’re just giving you the information. You do with it what you will.

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