Westernese Xi - Ferri

I’m from theleme and will be merging into you on Monday. was hoping to open a channel for conversation

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Can you tell me what the spread is like faction? I know the economy will change. I want the good the bad and ugly if you don’t mind

Fireholm from Taenarum here Hello Hello

Fireholm suxs

Ferri started predominantly purple. When the first exploits happened, Ice Gauntlet lagging and drag the window immortaility, the map changed overnight. Green and Yellow abused heavily and took over the entire map. Purple was left with 1 or 2 territories. This lasted for quite a while and purple who were expecting some kind of a change or a reversal of the exploits were left on a map with no purple on it for about a month.

Then the exploiters, green and yellow, started leaving the server en masse. Entire guilds left and went to Yggdrasil and Camelot. Most of the cheaters are now gone. The green and the yellow that remain actually seem to be ok people.

Purple that stuck around is now taking over the map again and the map is now predominantly purple again. Not by much. I think purple has 5 territories, green has 4 and yellow 1 or 2.



Would love to see a picture of your territory breakdown and an idea about what’s the situation there.

I’ll log in real quick and take a pic. Give me a few.

It’s basically the same for theleme but with green swapped for purple. We own the entire map tho.

This is almost play-by-play what happened on Tlillan-Tlapallan. As an aside, it’ll be nice to be on a server that’s easier to spell.

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Taenarum is heavily dominated by purple, as a server things have been pretty civil across factions for the last month or 2 mostly in trying to win an invasion lol.

For those that are of age, I’d like to bring over our tradition of periodically stopping dungeons and elite runs to do shots. It’s important.


Ferri today.


Interestingly, Theleme was similar. Purple and Green were going toe to toe pretty hard, then purple rolled most of the map with exploits. After the exploits got fixed, they held their spots for a couple of weeks and left for Ygg. Then Green swept the map.

Yellow was never really a factor, but they held EF until it was exploited away from them, they left as well shortly after, not sure where they went.

The good news is, the community is not too shabby on Theleme now and the cheaters and most the trolls all went to the big servers already. Hopefully some decent even play is ahead of us on Ferri!!


What i’m hearing is it’s a rough time to be a yellow, sounds like they don’t have a strong presence on any of the servers unfortunately.

Well, changing factions BEFORE a merger could do some magic. You can’t move to a dominant faction on YOUR server, but one can plan ahead for the next server. :slight_smile:

I’ve been purple since the betas, but this would be a good time for people to explore changes. Moving to a lesser faction now may actually be a dominant faction on the new server.

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I was thinking that same thing. I really hope we get to see an actual 3 way balance. I haven’t had a meaningful fight with a yellow since the first week.

I am hoping one of the other servers have a big yellow presence!

I’ve seen the maps from all of the servers now, yellow was the weakest on all of them at least by zone control

Hi from Ferri! We’re excited to have you! I’m part of Queers, one of the purple companies on the server. We currently own First Light. But we’re always open to working with nice people regardless of faction <3

And we won our first invasion (at least our first that wasn’t buggy) in Weaver’s Fen with the yellows last night, so it’s great to hear we’ll have more people into helping with those :smiley:


Hi. I am from Taenarum. I am afraid we won’t be helping with balance much. Our map is solid purple and has been for weeks. Population-wise, we are like 80% purple, 15% green and an occasional yellow can be sighted, but most people think they are a myth.

Maybe some strong purple companies could go yellow to get us some balance.