What’s your scarab experience after patch 1.7.2?

Hi new world community.

In my experience, the Golden Scarab drop rate after patch 1.7.2 has been reduced !

Before the patch I was averaging about 3 per day. Since the patch , my highest record is 1 per day, and often none per day.

If the demand for scarabs stays consistent, but the scarab drop rate has been reduced then we can expect the price of scarabs to go up, as they become more scarce. This is exactly what happened on my server! Ever since the patch, scarab price is rising from 3.5k to 8.5k currently.

I am only 1 player and I may be biased , so I am seeking other player experience? Have you gathered less scarabs lately? What do you think is a good drop rate and how long should it take you to get the scarabs you want? Do you work a real world job ? Have a family ?

Scarabs are a great inclusion in this game but sadly, they are so rare that I have no choice but to give up on my dream to be a crafter.

Let me know your thoughts.

still 2-5 a day


I actually feel my rate has increased. I use to get 1 a day, but now am getting 2 or more on average.

It must just be my bad RNG , thanks for the replys :blush:

Im still getting 3 a day on average, and have days of 5-6. every day, since bs release.