What a mess please fix this game, soon

Nerfs and spoon feeding to PvP or Casuals aside.

All the broken, ninja nerfed or changed things, no one expected or understand is a sign of incompetence. Either in the programming or quality inspection. It is one thing to say " Hey we are changing this… live with it noob" And bunch of surprises and bugs new exploits to explore every day.

Solution: Charge a monthly sub… We are all used to paying a monthly sub for more space or xp bonus, just the pvp flag bonus without being pvp would be enough. Whatever, then hire people who know what they are doing, I hear people at WOW are looking for a new job. Either way, if it doesn’t change there will not be enough people playing this game to matter anyway.

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Care to be specific and/or constructive?

Elemental animals drop motes now, apparently too many are now turned off.

Fulfilling buy orders results in either no items or no gold

Silver/Gold elites now 10x harder to kill

Housing items identify as quest items now

Chest loot based on # of people in are, some also just changed to cache or supply

Luck may or may not actually be working, several items in game just randomly have new stats

On and on and on…


NW definitely has its problems.

Second “I want to give the richest company in the world my money because all the bugs will then be magically fixed” thread we have on the homepage today :man_facepalming:

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