What a weird game

When you gonna open TP ? and fix smelting boxes?

Hello @ByDream,

Smelting boxes is a known issue and currently we are investigating the root cause to make sure it does not happen again.

You can follow the post below for the update on when these issues will be fixed.

Feel free to reply back to this post if you have any other concerns,

You can also reach us via live medium by clicking on the link below -

I hope this information was helpful :slight_smile:


That’s actually what AGS said on a lot of problems that are there again. And that’s also what AGS said before the Bug Fix month. Brought more problems than it fixed. Point of a patch like that is to fix problems, not to bring more problems and even break problems that are announced as fixed or changed. Don’t see the reason of 3 weeks PTR if you ruin things that were ok on the PTR.

It’s weird enough they broke things that have nothing to do with the patch.
It gets even weirder when the supposed to be “bug fixing” month giving more game breaking bugs.

20h and counting since they disabled trading and it’s still not fixed… I’m playing Videogames for over 20 years now and I’ve never experienced such a mess

It feels like the devs don’t understand their own code which is a real shame because it is such a great game and has so much potential. Who ever is in charge for the direction of the game should overthink his position and maybe make room for someone else. Just ask yourself “Am I the right person for this?” - Not meant do be mean or something just my current thoughts

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