What about a wardrobe in our homes?

I’m SURE this has been suggested before; however, I’m motivated to say something as I just crafted thousands of sateen, silk, etc… all with my leatherworking outfit on instead of my tailoring outfit. Surely my fault; however, being punished for not managing my clothing properly just doesn’t feel like a good mechanic.

I do like the process of collecting these outfits; however, the mundane shuffling of outfits every day for things like cooldowns and refining is just monotonous, and whenever you mess up like I just did, it’s downright infuriating.

What if we had something like a wardrobe in our home(s) that only applied to the town you had a home in? So for example, I have a home in Restless Shore - I buy a wardrobe off the market, or I craft one, I place it in my house, I interact with it, and I hang up my refining outfits. From now on, in Restless Shore, when I refine, I automatically get the buffs as if I were wearing all the outfits in my wardrobe at the same time.

I like this because it interacts with the housing system, the furniture system, and the town system. It also gives you something to do with up to THREE tailoring hats (buy a wardrobe for each home and enjoy this benefit in all three towns within which you reside!) but it doesn’t completely replace the existing system of actually wearing the clothes… if you’re town got all busted up by an invasion - no problem. You can pack a suitcase full of refining outfits and head on down to another town, and change clothes between each refining station just like you used to.

Thanks for reading. Excuse me while I go mourn the hundreds of silks I did not “bonus craft” this morning…

P.S. ADDITIONALLY - It’d be great to have some sort of indicator when at a refining station, what type of buff you were currently enjoying for that station. This would be helpful immediately, and in the future if we had a wardrove, to help us catch mistakes.

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