What about high level zones?

So. They rewamp Everfall and Monarch’s Bluff , but what about the other zones?

Did they mention anything about this?
Am i the only one who thinks it’s kinda weird for new players to start in castles and quest in castle landmarks on low level and after they reach higher levels and progress further towards endgame players will go to settlements made out of wood and fight for forts that are made out of wood too?


I actually think it makes sense. You start in more civilized areas and move from them into less civilized areas.

I agree it looks a bit weird going from big to small towns while leveling up, i mean you got crappy gear and flint tools so a small town would be logical to have no forge and when you level up you would get bigger towns with a smithing area where you can make better weapons and armor and thus a bigger city thats more developed.
And why already bring the 0-25 leveling changes to the servers ?
Why not revamp all the leveling from 0-60 and then in one go give it to everyone. Feels stupid to get 0-25 leveling to be fun with a new system and then the rest of the leveling will be revampt later :S

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And in the end you’ll see the splendor of Brimstone Sands. Makes sense to me, too.

interesting take, i basicly think the oppsoite. It makes more sense to me that you start in wood settlements as a new player and progress towards huge castles as you are higher level. I mean, just imagine if someone grew up in a castle and trained to be a knight in order to go to live in a tent

Try it like this one specific example (which shows kind of how I’m thinking about it):

You are raised and trained in London in the 1600s. From there you leave on an expedition to the new world. You have gone from the relative safety and comfort of the big city (Low level characters) to the coast of a wilderness (increasing higher level characters). Towns grow up and mature along that coast as explorers push westward into far less civilized and less built up areas (high level and end-game characters). That process continues, with the further you push west (leveling) into underdeveloped/unexplored regions.

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Okay yes it does make sense because of the story but if you ignore the story it looks totally different and I feels a bit strange.
But yeah I have to agree with what your saying if you think about the backstory its okay but then I would disable high level crafting in high level areas that just have wooden towns as those are less developed they should not have access to big forges and high end materials as your in the woods like you said.

I see what you mean. But in an MMORPG i rather “work” towards something that is advanced rather than something less advanced. It gives you excitement towards end game. It makes you want to reach higher level in order to enter these amazing castles.

But i get it they choose to rewamp starting zones first so players won’t think the game is boring and quit the game early.

Did they mention anything about other zone rewamps for the future in a road map?

I think there are some logical exceptions to this…although it does make sense:

I agree it makes sense from a flavor perspective in rude wooden huts type zones. In places like Ebsonscale where we basically took over a highly civilized and built out city…or New Corsica (the upcoming capitol of Brimstone) which has existed for a thousand+ years it makes sense that the crafting stations are fully developed.

It’s an interesting conversation either way though. :slight_smile:

As an avid RPG player, my midgame haul through an obnoxious swamp/mystical elven forest/deep spider cavern full of poisonous enemies is practically a staple. I’d be offended if I didn’t end up in some trashy zone with horrendous add pulls across ruthlessly inclement terrain after being in luxurious, lush grasslands.

They’ll probably address those in a couple of months, I don’t think they can revamp everything in a short amount of time.

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