What about making Dungeons / Expeditions harder?

As always folks! Dont blame, just thoughts tho! :smiley:

Sooo, I remember when Tempest dropped on live servers everyone (nearly) cried cause its toooo hard. But after a while, people started to know the mechanics and it went pretty easy after a while. Which isnt bad btw. !

With one of the latest updates, Barcnacles and Blackpowder had its release. Sadly, its pretty easy and nothing special at all. It felt kinda disappointing and except the mutation its kinda lame to run over and over again.

With Brim / “The Ennead” there will be a nice addition to our end level Dungeon content buuuut over all I dont think it feels thhaaat new. Sure, we got “new” mobs with new abilities and as I said, for short term its very nice. So you need to the next upcoming dungeons hard to play cause thats what players want to play I think. If there´s you need to learn it does make more fun tho.

Or am I am that wrong ?

Cheers! :smiley: