What about Trophy Trading?

When Furniture is back on the list to trades?


lol… good one… ofc that is for sure the highest priority atm…

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No need people can make their own

lmfao ok bro

Furnishing skill is available to all

not everyone should spend 100k because of a bug. and if everyone did It it’d be more like 1 million cuz the prices would go up so high. plus you wouldn’t ever make your money back.

Well yeah. It’s a priority for those who made it their profession that it’s turned off, for 10-ish days atm, and no one said anything at all about it.
This happened before the patch. And still not as much as a whisper from AGS.

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Colored pixels bro. That is all they are. It’s not real money and it’s a game.
Want a trophy, craft it since they are not allowed to be traded. Grind and get after it or not. But there is a way to get them

There are however 100’s of threads about it already, been for weeks now, so odds that you will finally get them to acknowledge the problem is… Well… Not good tbh.

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