What actually is the point of a void gauntlet now?

Good ole void gauntlet, oh how it’s gone through its phases. Where exactly do the devs see void gauntlet right now in a meta? Firstly, the nerfing patch of orb and scream you nerfed the mage version of void gauntlet pretty hard, but it was still playable and mostly meta in wars for the reason of nullifying oblivion. CDR still felt great because of zerg orb pops and crits. Now nullifying oblivion no longer cancels sacred ground. CDR isn’t as low now with limited hits. Scream up to 2 seconds, which was very needed. But what exactly is the role now or even the point of using void gauntlet? The one unique thing about it that made it meta has now been taken away.


Ill do you one better, what is the purpose of void blade?

Gauntlet is literally outclassed by Fire Staff (Which did not need a Buff AGS) and most melee classes in war.

I’m one of the few vg/ig left, and it was already been nerfed into the ground. They need to stop this patch from going live because it is a death sentence.

I am a Fire/Ice main, and have also done the void/ice. I for one think the fire staff needed no buff at all. I think its in a great spot. The void gauntlet as a whole just feels so unique because of the nullifying oblivion and really is the only thing that keeps it in the meta. After this patch you may as well toss it to the likes of thrown hatchets and meteor shower. It will just be massive tiers below everything.

Its support bro, like it always should have been

what support does it give when it doesn’t take away sacred ground anymore?

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Root with 30% heal reduction, 30% empower, damage and heal hybrid. All the support


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