What am I even grinding so hard for..?

If all the gold dupers only got 24h bans - heck even 1 week is nothing, why would I have to go trough so much grinding to lvl up my professions if they can buy all the items in the world for free, i feel so betrayed …

I wouldn’t even bother, because apparently even people who unknowingly buy “duped” ores and ingots are getting banned, which is hilarious.

Clown world.

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Can totally understand your frustration. I bought all three of my loot luck trophies for 130k total. Hunted for mats, negotiated with sellers, tipped the furnishers, and felt like I had really accomplished something. Now people have bought them for 4K each on the TP. All because AGS can’t seem to prevent all of these reoccurring loopholes in their shoddy coding :/. Also, duper’s KNOW nothing gets fixed over the weekend. It’s not a coincidence that the market was flooded Sunday with all of the excess materials. Damage is done, duper’s will get a 24hr ban. We will all forget again until next weekend or the weekend after when the new method comes to light. This won’t be the last dupe, and every time another one comes up, more and more people will decide “why not? Games dying anyways, might as well be rich for a day”.

I like the potential of this game. I’ve sunk 300+ hours into it. I was pretty pissed about the transfers being delayed as long as they were, but I finally got to go with my friends. But now it’s just sad watching the game economy failing so badly. It’s sad watching the dead servers with players bored out of their minds because they can’t transfer again, merges aren’t happening, and there is just nothing to do because of lack of people. I’ve been in a lot of MMO launches, but this is horrible. I can’t decide which is worse, this or fallout 76.


there was guys that when i logging wood on brightwood want give me 1k voidbent and i refuse him with humble with ‘nah, i am good, to many drama about dupe item’


Thing is, what’re you going to do once your professions are leveled - the utility in crafting is fairly minimal at his point

I just made a thread venting the same frustration.

I understand your plight.

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