What am I missing? (armor crafting)

EDIT: It was because I was using Blisterweave and not Phoenixweave. I thought any Tier V cloth would have the same effect. THANKS ALL!

I’m trying to craft Medium Tempest Chestpiece (although I’m having this issue with timeless shard armors and other armors as well). I can only get at best a max of 592 with all the buffs:

  • 200 armoring
  • 3 major trophies
  • armorer’s gear with earring
  • spicy cabbage soup
  • town armoring buff
  • tier 5 mats

I tried taking down and replacing my trophies in my houses, restarting, re-equipping gear… So frustrating. So many hours and so much work for all that stuff. With all that I should at least get a chance at getting a 600gs item. Grr.

Am I doing something wrong?

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armor earring

Are you saying your the max it will allow is 592 or that is the min

he’s missing armoring earring. hes getting 592 GS…

Yeah if that his min(probably the case) that what he is missing but if it is his max we got a problem.

Yeah my first thought was either the earring or one of the pieces of gear or resetting trophies.

Got to be one of those, rinse repeat until you get it.

both, it shows “592-592” or “587 - 592”

Nope, have the earring too, I consider it part of the gear

Make sure your property taxes are paid that got me a couple of times

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Have it, added it to the orig post - I think of it as part of the gear

By t5 mats you mean asmodeum and all that stuff right not ori or cinnabar tier stuff?

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Yep all the good stuff :grinning:
runic leather/blisterweave/asmodeum

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I checked prop tax earlier, all paid up so that’s not it

Its supposed to be Asmodeum, Runic Leather, and Phoenixweave.


That was it!!!

I thought it was any tier V material. THANK YOU 597 - 600 now

597-600? I though it could only go up 595-600. Did you upgrade you crafting gear to 625? Im not a crafter so im not too sure of what you can do.

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B weave beee trickeee

crafting in this game is just garbage … not worth wasting time …hahaha

Yeah, it sure can be. I enjoy it, but I wish they would make it more rewarding after all the work to level up a craft. It sucks that it’s both very expensive to craft AND we have little control over stats and perks. One or the other, please.