What am I supposed to do with these?

Taking away orbs okay cool but nowwww I have nothing to use these on. What the hell AGS

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Wait and see.
Things change, like before there was hyssop that was basically seen as useless, now is a major point in arcane for potions.
Rolling back 7 months, players actually were throwing away ori ore because it was too heavy and useless.
So, wait and find out.


In the patch notes, the seeds are being converted to corrupted fragments you get from breaches, which will in turn be used to craft the new territory chests, which give huge amounts of territory standing points as well as supplies.

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Read the patch notes. Reading is a very valuable skill.

wait what i read patch notes but didn’t see that anywhere O_o


You had nothing to use them on before. You can use like 25 a week max to begin with.

On my server, you’d be sitting on about 400,000 gold if you sold them right now

Can you link that article? I feel blind cause i cant find it anywhere

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