What are devs going to blame if LA is successful

Imagine if Lost Arc doesn’t immediately start losing its playerbase. If 4 months after release it isn’t at 5% of its original launch base. Will the devs finally realize it was their choices that drove people away? Will they care that a game they host is doing better retention then the game they made? Will they learn anything?


Its not the devs. Its the higher ups making decisions based on arbitrary…metrics (corp bs speak for i dont know wtf im talking about but found someone to come up with numbers that support my idiotic idea).

I feel sorry for the devs. They are working for people who are all over the place and dont havr a clue.

The higher ups wont learn anything because they will blame the devs. After a certain level in any hierarchy accountability and responsibility disappear.


Apples to Oranges. Lost Ark is a localization port that already had a lot of work in it before it was repurposed for a western audience. It will do well for people who like that sort of game, give or take. It is not a brand new launch. It is an established title with a massive headstart in its western debut over New World. New World did good. It had some bumps & some problems that are still being worked on. Compare these after new world has been out for 3.5 years like Lost Ark has, after new world has 3+ years of continued development, as Lost Ark has.


The higher-ups didn’t make asinine decisions like requiring that sub-600 gear cost absurd quantities of umbral shards to get to 600. Higher-ups didn’t choose the orb system. Higher-ups didn’t design the crafting system such that producing anything of value is a 1 in 500 event with each singular attempt requiring many hours of a player’s time to grind out.

This game is a trashfire because AGS is a trashfire, and that includes the developers. There are individuals who are trying their best I’m sure, but as a whole AGS is a disgrace. They should be embarrassed of their work on this game and should be on their knees begging us to give them a chance to kiss our feet if we stay. Instead I’m sure they’re going to spit in our faces again with the next update. Not sure what it’ll be this time but you know for a fact that it’s a’ comin’.

When WoW was young they would credit days and weeks of sub time for the relatively infrequent disruptions to expected game service. AGS didn’t even apologize to the players who were locked out of faction rep for an entire fucking month, let alone offer any compensation for the 150K+ of lost coin value in addition to intangibles like lost gameplay loops. People are stranded on dying and dead servers with zero fucking communication on when they can expect relief. Disgraceful.


Lost ark had it’s ups and downs already.

They’ve now hit a bigger market with years after being released. If they aren’t successful then LA wasn’t worth aquiring.


There is no bigger market for the kind of mmo that lost ark is than the one it has been in before coming west. Those are about half the numbers NW saw, a game far more suited to a western market that does not look like a mobile game of BDO-lite with pay-to-win pets & skins that give you advantages.

Here is the launch, it is 500k players. Let us see in a week, two weeks, a month. 30k concurrencies, tops, extremely generously.

NW is a buy to play game. The people playing Lost Ark right now are buy to play players. Whatever free to play draws, it won’t be the quality of player that buy to play brought & it did not do the numbers that New World did.

ANYONE who bought the limited-time founder’s packs did so to play first & maximize their 3-day advantage over free to play players. You see how many were sold by how many were at its peak, first moment of availability. Different from new world, where people kept buying for months & are still buying it, despite it being, obviously, in lower daily volume of sales than launch. Basically, you get the full picture of how many people wanted to buy that advantage. They are the same players who will minmax & cheese it & be angry at it or bored with it or mad at the P2W aspects when others use them much sooner than people were mad at NW for running out of content to consume.


No the higher ups absolutely did. Ideas had to be submitted in a 6 page format just to be considered.

The higher ups were very very hands on in what they wanted and the direction they wanted this game and the others to go.
It also appears as if their working environment is very much agree with the boss or find another job.

This is all according to Forbes.

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Then those “higher-ups” are in fact the lead developers. If they’re giving more than vague and general directions of what kind of game they want it to be they are part of the development team.

Not sure what you think the dev team is if not the people who actively and specifically develop and design the game.

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Very true.

The grqphic style and overall type of game is VERY popular in that region. It’s a very niche genre in NA.

The main 2 aspects that will keep it up in population, is that it’s basis is free to play (at a slower pace) and it’s older and fairly simplistic. It’s probably capable of being played on lower end PCs, that may struggle with something like New World. Even then, NW isn’t exactly extreme HD.

It’s current numbers are due to it being new and shiny, and you have large streamers playing it.

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Lost ark is published by AGS, not developed by AGS.
Huge difference.


Possibly. I am not sure; I am seeing a lot of reports of poor performance, though I do not have specs for all of them & do not know their setup or os & software environment. They could be using bloated AV & so on - we can’t know yet. I agree it does not look all that demanding.

It will be interesting & fun to watch, good or bad. Some people are loving it & citing their nostalgia for Diablo, others are hating it & citing their distaste for diablo.

Funniest thread I saw so far was someone actually saying “No WASD? Fixed camera? WTF?” in so few words - I was saying the other day this click-to-move & fixed Isometric camera angle is very niche, yet has a place in western locales, however, I did NOT expect to see someone surprised by it lol.

Edit: Here is that thread in the game’s steam community hub: So just a mouse movement? And no camera angle settings? Get ready for a lot of refunds :: Lost Ark General Discussions

He got BTFO’d almost instantly because the founder’s packs are considered DLC & there are no refunds on DLC once used or once early access starts, something along those lines.

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Low hanging fruit is that LA is 2 years old and already had it’s ups and downs. It’s just new to us. It’s also going to start losing thousands of people every week just like every other live service game.

New World could easily go F2P, drop a bunch of new stuff along with a revamp, incentivize the crap out of Twitch streamers to play it, and have a big recovery at some point in the next 2 years.

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Why not?

Because you cant compare a fully developed game with a new one. Amazon does not care about comparing the 2 and devs wont blame anyone and have nothing to “learn” from it…

This is a childish thread


I don’t disagree with some of your points. But keep in mind that the 500k is pre orders only. On the 11th, all the free people swarm in, so I’m curious what that launch will look like. Will it be another 500k or more?

Not my kind of game, so I’m not trying to say it’s better or anything like that - just that the 500k is only a possible fraction of the launch population l.

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Lost ark is a mobile game , so girls and who like anime graphic gona stuck on , and also max will keep people around 2-4month, other way i don’t know , something is wrong maybe , cuz before lost ark , there was alot of game similar to La on phone, maybe people find a mobilegame now… I don’t know.
I would be stunning if people keep playing la.

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2019 -2022, you need to math, and spell better “genius”

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I was trying to be clear that it is the buy crowd, so it speaks to how many people actually bought either game, vs how many are going to be free to play people bumping up the numbers when we do not know how many of them will even like it compared to those who invested in it.

It might do very well, at least at first. It might be a shocking initial free2play flock. How long will they stick around for it? It will definitely be very interesting to watch, even though, like you, it is not my kind of game either. To me, it looks like a BDO-lite or a mobile game. I look at it & think “well, for all that, I may as well reinstall the real BDO”. Which I do not want to do lol.

A “huge” initial download surge by F2P players who do not know whether they will like it or not, then end up not liking it could cause a flock of shit birds to swoop out of the nest on it later. If it gathers too many downloads of people who end up not liking it, the sky will be prematurely said to be falling in Lost Ark next through the artificially inflated numbers of people who did not intend to keep playing it/turned out they did not like it :stuck_out_tongue:

We also need to make sure people stick to Steam charts & stats only with it, because MMO-Populations & the like are likely to mix the numbers of both markets, as it appears they are already doing that.

Will be cool to investigate the trend of the 3 day sample up until the free 2 play unlocks as well.

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You just used a non native’s spelling mistakes as an argument.

Genious indeed.

I thought it was released earlier. What i’ve said is obviously still true but I wouldnt expect you to get any of it…

I don’t think we’ll be able to compare New World to Lost Ark after 3.5 years… just sayin

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