What are folks thinking about HEALER PvP armour perks for upcoming patch? I've included my current sets for thoughts/feedback


With the upcoming PTR changes, have any other PvP healers thought about our build setups for group healers?

Here are the two perk armour sets I’ve been thinking about and testing myself (pictured below). I’m curious what folks think and what they’ve been testing or theorycrafting themselves. Both these builds are current builds on live but I’m more curious if the PTR changes may impact which may be better/preferred?

Orb and fortifying sacred will be useless.
These three builds are what healers will be running.

As for gear you only need 2 skill perks now since fortifying sacred ground is complete trash. (Unless they buff % of it)
Resil/freedom/ele will still be prio for gearing. If you run DE and have the staff with perk you want 5 refreshings for instant CD.

As I understand it, fortify effectiveness per buff is nerfed but the cap is increased by a lot. Doesn’t this mean that you’re going to need to get fortify from as many sources as possible?

Feel free to explain what I’ve missed, preferably politely, as I am struggling to get my head around PTR combat changes.

Yes I am wondering this myself. Would having at least the FSG be worth to help our groups reach fortify cap? From what I understand players still intend to utilize fortify, but take 5 EA on armour instead. This PTR fortify test NW EHP (in PVE) ptr/live explains that “the tankiness you feel from fortify scales extremely fast as is exponentially, making it extremely effective. come patch you wont get as much tankiness, nor will you get it nearly as quickly, but fortify will still provide decent damage mitigation for medium and heavy. but will also take a lot more maintenance/sources to build.” (Guildie). So with this said, FSG would actually still be useful for our groups, right? @yvirten

Will be almost entirely useless. Fortification will primarily come for your groups own weapon set. FSG only provides 2% damage mitigation to a person in heavy armor.
Unless they change the % of fortification FSG and orb put out it is absolutely worthless. @Mr.Eli

Interesting. With the changes to CC duration bonus on heavy and medium, is Freedom really needed? I’m wondering if we can just rely on our dodges and IG tomb or rapier ripo and mobility to avoid CC, especially with staggers no longer being a concern as well. I say this cus I was thinking on running just full x5 EA, x5 Refreshing, x4 Resil and the LE perk if I run DE, SG, and LE.

80% fortification is the break even line for most combat for PTR → Live. Once you start going into other factors like Empower and what not along with gems.

IMO, scraping up all the fortify possible is going to be the gameplan.

Light Armor got completely sh*t on so it’s done for.

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My healer gear is pretty similar. The main differences are:

  • I have shirking energy instead of refreshing on my pants
  • 5 resilient
  • Healthy toast instead of focused on my earring
  • Keen, keenly jagged and pylon burst on my IG and it charges up my heartrune super quickly. I think the healing from healing tomb is pretty low because it’s based on base health, not total health.

AGS just seem to be killing off perks and abilities as they go along. First keen beacon, now this.

Could be worthwhile trying to get Spiritpool but I reckon the instant CD on the Glowing Lifecrystal staff is tough to beat.

Resil, refreshing and physical aversion for healer seems good.

With IG as secondary seems to be the way to go.

Slot 2 rubies on armour and rest onyxs.

Entomb still gives a massive buff to effective hp. Pylon is great for recharging ultimate and annoying people. Ice shower still one of the best cc in game.

There is a possibility to try a medium build with VG or hammer also.