What are my odds?

So I’ve been solo farming The Tangle at Myrk for the past 5.5 hours hoping to get some nice loots.
Was hoping to get the corrupted rage gloves at helmet for my collection. However, it seems that these non-tradable, non-craftable and no market value items are very hard to get. I think myrk’s purpose is only for chest run (which is very boring and exausting). Would be great if the chances of getting these items would be buffed. Same goes to other sets that are not tradable and craftable. Ps. I’ve reached 600 mastery on all equipments and the game is slowly becoming a chore. For 5.5 hours I’ve managed to loot 1 purple gs, 1 green gs, and a pants. Oh! and some red blue orange pots.

run in gear full of Luck perk if you want to grind something

Does luck actually affect named drops? I know it effects the tier of drop, but will it affect named vs random?

I don’t think it works on named items drop rate. Sad.

Sorry who this comment hurts but I’m really sad because the current generation of players want to turn an MMO into a game of fortnite. Everything is difficult, everything takes time, “m10 is very difficult” and unfortunately the devs have to adapt to the “players”. it’s okay to spend 6 months to get an item, when you get it, you’ll see that it was worth going through this step. please stop crying.

Nope not crying. Said was “hoping”. “Current generation?” I was playing og ragnarok when we had to buy cards for in-game time and also tantra and silkroad. As for new world. The game literally drops all kind of named items like a boosted private server. Have you tried solo farming myrkgard? the difference in drop rate for purple in BIS and Shattered are not equal. BiS clearly has a boost in drops.

Luck ONLY works for named drops.

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Luck does in fact increase the likelihood of named drops according to the dev blog. What else it does is a little unclear, but there’s more to be found here.

[Dev Blog] Luck FAQ - Developer Corner - New World Forums

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Found it! Thank you for sending the link. What I need to do now is to make or buy a new set with corrupted ward with luck. Gotta go back grinding again.

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