What are SEA player supposed to do?

Hi new world dev. Just wondering what are SEA player supposed to do ? The end game content of new world is more on OPR and 3vs3 and war, but with high ping i dont think PVP can be enjoyed as someone with lower ping. PVE feels repetitive and boring. And looking at your roadmap, it kinda sad to see you guys wanted to implement cross server OPR, when we SEA player cant even enjoy smooth ping in our own server. Please consider SEA as new server. I really enjoy this game and so far New World is the most perfect PVP concept for me. Its just feels sad we really cant enjoy PvP to the fullest


Introducing a SEA at this point will completely shut down AP Southeast region. At best guess, the population will reduce by 50% which will put the region at a population of around 700-800.

Introducing a SEA server at this point will only be introducing a server that starts at a low population and eventually ends up shutting down in the near future. The business cost just doesn’t make sense unfortunately

I wish they did this at the start of the game, it would have been a fair way and perhaps the overall population would be higher than it is currently.

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