What are the biggest issues and how do we fix them?

If you’re here, reading this then you might have some form of investment in the game and don’t want it to die so today I want us all to come together and discuss how we can actually improve stuff with out killing each other.

First things first, we need another round of server transfer tokens for low pop servers ASAP.
Get people off dead servers, they can’t actually play the game.
I’d even let them have a message on the dead servers saying the server is getting deleted and tell them to move off or they’ll get stuck somewhere random.

PvE endgame loops
Next we need to address the end game loop which is completely broken whilst having all the tools to actually exist.
The game play loop is currently - farm chests until you water mark is high enough to do dungeons for good loot is just buy stuff - this clearly doesn’t work.

We actually already have everything we need in game already the direction is scuffed and needs to be adjusted.
To start this, for the love of GOD retune some of the mobs in elite zones, the Thorpe wanna be mobs are just stupid, some of the mobs just have WAY to much health (looking at the floating mine wizards, more HP than the priests)

Now we need to actually restructure how PvE works.
It should go
Open world PoIs > expeditions > arena bosses.
Expeditions are good and should be part of the end game loop and not something you do once you finally hit 600 GS drops. They should be the thing that gives you the best watermark increase.
Arena bosses should have the best loot because you can fail them and should be the thing you actually have to do prep for to even finish.

The dungeon keys need further nerfs and should be way more accessible.
I don’t actually hate the dungeon key system, with out it you either have to have a daily reset or people will just never use the open world.

One of the better systems in the game but still flawed
Crafters need way more control over what they are crafting it just at a greater cost.
Most the stuff produced is hot garbage with the rare one slipping through and actually being good.
The mod system needs to be deleted and reworked.
I think we also need a system where salvaging purples drops a purple material required to craft other purples, the amount of trash items you can’t do anything with insane, there should be some value to getting random drops but currently it’s just scuffed as hell.

I’d also say boosting the crafting cap up to 250 and making that last 50 and intense grind with nothing currently populating the higher levels would be a good play. Keeps crafters crafting.

Weapons and gear
Need more perks that are actually good.
Damage over time modifiers, armour and spell penetration, disease procs, burning procs, increased elemental damages, the works.
Currently all we really want is like 5 of the perks for weapons.

Armour needs a complete overhaul.
The only armour perks I know that exist is currently luck, resilience and CD reduction.
I’d straight up nerf jewellery and add all of their perk pools to armour at reduced values.

PvP is actually falling victim to the lack of rewards.
PvP content should award PvP centric loot.
Faction tokens should have a whole new tier of end game loot that you can get crafted or something.
You should be able to trade overflow tokens for loot boxes or something that has actual gear with desired PvP stats in it.

Flagging instead of granting luck should open up a new loot pool with items used for crafting PvP gear and offer PvP centric loot from killing mobs.
Then we can stop the PvE vs PvP rubbish.

This game is good, it needs to get its systems actually sorted out to make sense.
If I’ve learnt anything from MMOs in the past they are only as good as their systems and loops, new world is currently failing on most of the end game loops and systems currently.

All we can do now is offer suggestions and support instead of complaining like mad men so in a years time this game is way better than it is now


Hrm, two biggest issues right now are Patch 1.1 in almost it’s entirety and furnishing/trophies being disabled.

Revert one, enable the other, I guess?

Maybe put the guy in charge in a new position where he can be productive to the company instead of destructive.

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A lot of the stuff that happened in 1.1 needed to happen aside from more than likely the mobs in PoIs getting buffed way too hard in some cases

Also the bugs damn it

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Yah I agree, I think that the undocumented changes outweigh those things, though - and it should be reverted and have more time spent so those undocumented changes don’t make their way through, then put back into live.

Normally I’m not really the type of player to call for something as drastic as reverting back a patch, but this one has legitimately screwed up too much of the game - there are too many things wrong with it for them to go fixing things one by one on live, a lot of players won’t wait that long.

I’d go even further and say that expeditions should be a source of guaranteed watermark upgrade and give players ability to target specific slots per expedition.
Remove dungeon keys as a default entry barrier but make them a tool to target a specific gear slot. If you enter genesis with a orb you can choose specific slot that will guarantee a higher watermark drop during the dungeon. Not necessarily a specific item but if you are 570 weapon, you will guaranteed see 575 one if you finish the dungeon.
Create even more higher level orbs to increase a guaranteed upgrade range. Make orbs tradeable and sellable.
Make stonecutting great again!

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One big problem you haven’t mentioned is low population servers.
I am on one of these servers. I transferred to the server I am on now because of low pop, now this server has had many people either transfer or just leave the game, leaving this server with a painfully low population. The highest amount of people playing today was in the 40’s… its that bad.

Players in low population servers are not able to do much of the content, like invasions (there is not enough people to do it), etc.

So, the only thing that AGS could do in this instance, is to merge low population servers.

People just won’t play if this isn’t fixed.

Was actually the very first thing I highlighted as a top issue

I was talking about server MERGES, not transfers.

Oh yeah they need to happen; but in the mean time before they could easily offer more transfer tokens TOMORROW preferably to get people evacuated

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For me personally it’s simple.

Rework the level system to get max level in starting areas and all other maps become “end game” areas. That would players give a choice where to play and progress and fix the issue that there are too much 60s for too small and less areas.

Kick the fcking watermark system and create logic loot tables. Solo areas up to 590, elite areas and dungeons up to 600. There is more than enough rng in this game to get good rolls of gear.
Diablo, The Division etc had same issues and reworked their systems to reward players. AGS did not learned. This game became a lootgrinder and a pretty bad one.

Kick tuning orbs. Same with watermark, nobody needs, wanted nor enjoys those boring and stupid systems.

Get balancing into a good place so people have a chance to play open PvP beside from GA and Hammer in heavy armor.

Make crafting less grindy. It’s more boring and unrewarding than a game from 2008.

Make max level players feel stronger than at being level 20 - where PvE works fine.

Bring transmog…holy…


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Trying to work stuff with in the framework we have now before we can make some more sweeping changes

Most of this is aimed at stuff that could be done in minor patches

I could give some things I think as well but let’s be honest. None of these things are under our control. It’s not empowering to talk about things and make plans for things that we cannot control.

We can control ourselves though and right now there are things we can do better. I’m not talking about raging at the devs or anything like that. The devs have a job and they are paid to do it and part of that job requires thick skin. They asked for our cash in exchange for their promises and taking heat for not delivering is part of the job.

We can be more understanding and supportive of the issues different types of players are having. We can ask ourselves if the gripes are legitimate of made up. We can stop assuming we know what someone is saying and listen to what they are saying and try to understand it. We are wrong to tell someone that their feedback is wrong.

Phrases like fit gud, it’s an mmo you have to group, gamers are so entitled these days, carebear, crybabies, and you should play some other game, are not helping anything. If someone expresses that they have an issue the real question is how could they be accommodated without ruining the game.

As a final note we could write much shorter posts. Me included.

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Reverse 1.1

There was very little good in there

One day I just pray I can write long posts like this, the feedback will be seen and someone in an office will actually sit back and go “oft that could work”

Then we can all rejoice

Disagree with allowing more transfers, think they should do mergers because they have access to data on faction balance and population statistics we don’t - thus they could do a much better job at maintaining server stability in people’s new homes both faction distribution wise and “let’s not give 4 servers a queue” wise.

Needs to happen soon, though, should have happened 2 weeks ago.

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Go back in time and stop them from releasing the game for another year when it shoudl have been released? Or get a better update testing team.

Disable the transfers to anyone with a queue, players can decide where they want to go.

Other wise they merge servers, make transfers a paid option and people can get off anyways

This is straight up a bandaid to get people off of dead server as soon as possible.

The game isn’t playable on dead servers

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To be fair, the game isn’t really playable on populated servers right now either.

They’ve already proven they cannot or will not handle shutting off transfers fast enough to deal with destabilization issues on the new servers.

They are not the first dev team to do that, though, even Blizzard couldn’t get it right.

The game was playable on dead servers before 1.1 - I was on one and playing it. Which is why my original response was revert the patch and fix all of these undocumented changes it has before reinstating it.

Server merges make an even better position around that idea, prior to 1.1 their biggest concern was server mergers - now I’m not sure which is the larger issue, but I would imagine 1.1 is a bigger problem than server mergers as it affects the entire playerbase while dead servers affect a large portion of the playerbase.

1.1 was mostly to prolong the current content no matter how they dress it up, sure they concocted a nice “we want you to be challenged” line but does any of that make sense?