What are the random markers around the world

I have notice random spots where there is a pole with a cross beam near the to and stakes in the ground around it. Any know what these are for?
I am guessing they are place holders for either expansions or dynamic events or are they for something in game already I just haven’t seen yet?

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They are used for camping grounds.

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This is useful to know, I had no idea either.

They can be useful in the later zones where the POI areas that don’t allow camping are quite large.
They sometimes have these camping islands inbetween so you don’t have to respawn too far off.

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… might be nice if you got a discount on the cost of setting up your camp there. :slight_smile:

If you check the in game map and zoom in closely you’ll see many areas around questing zones which are mob heavy are zoned on the map, I believe these are called points of interest. They have an area around them illustrated with a faint yellow dotted line where prevents you placing campfires in them.

The camping spots are like exceptions to this, they allow you to place campfires down close by to those markers which is useful for camping a bit closer to mob locations. Not that useful at the start of the game because you can camp almost everywhere, but in later zones the points of interest are more tightly packed.

I just learned this the other day! It is really cool.

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