What are these skins?

Like they listened to their customers on release? Look how that ended :rofl:

Transmog gonna be the shit unless they somehow manage to butcher that as well.

Yea I find the skins lacking in detail, was this ever brought up with the devs? Like the game environment is some of the best in any MMO but the skins really lack texture and detail

I don’t get the obsession with the purple. Like every single skin has purple, red or pink in it. I’m still waiting for a simple somewhat realistic skin like the low-lvl armours I hope we can use with transmog in the future. No extra red cloak and leopard fur on the legs, no horns or wings on a very good-looking helmet otherwise, etc. There’s always one or two details they add that ruin a lot of skins for me.

Purple is probably for Prime/Twitch branding. It is kind of overdone I’ll agree. Wish they’d let us dye store skins

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Will these skins be coming back?

Some probably will, The Winged Knight is coming back Black Friday in a pack as well “Damage Dealers Bundle”. Chances are, all the best sellers will make a come back at one point or another.

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thank you, I want to get the skin set.

Got my new store skin… Ready for battle now


Just add a purple filter over the entire set and we are good to go.

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Via Twitch and Prime Gaming outfits I think I managed to mix and match something that looks alright on the female model. Now only if they would finally allow dye on skin outfits…


Skins is trash

So I see the jester skin is in the store but where are the other black Friday bundles at ?

I see the bundles now. Need to spend 85 euros to unlock one. And the items within are not sold separately :confused: There are some cool things in there I would have bought otherwise… They are really testing us now!
Definitely not a “black friday deal” hehe


Notice how the community mods are silent on this topic, but they’re quick to comment on another topic no one cares much about. Take this as feedback.


For the price of the new skin bundles, you could buy almost any game ya’ want. I would do that over supporting their overpriced skin bundle packages.

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Something about the game having a very contemporary aesthetic (pronouns, no genders, neon dyed hair and beards) while simultaneously having a gameplay loop encouraging toxic mega companies to take over servers with shell companies just makes me lol

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Same honestly. The fae plus King Arthur stuff kind of makes sense imo plus the heavy armor and medium armor look good but the other one is just… painful haha. I do want them to stop though and make some clean simple armors finally. Heck even the crusader armor they dropped a while ago was amazing.

The most pretty feminine skin in this game imo.

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Cara, eu queria apenas uma skin, que palhaçada é esta??