What are they thinking?

Seriusly, what are they thinking?
I’m trying to be optimistic with the state of the game, but i dont undestand whats they have in mind. There are a lot of things going on right now and i cannot understand whats going on through their minds.
First of all, they nerfed skilled weapons like firestaff o ice gauntlet, and buffed braindead ones like Hammer and Great axe.
Every single outpost rush that i play we get stomped by musketeers on a rock (wich got buffed btw) and great axe hammer abusers.
Talking about outpost rush. Demons, seriusly??? people keep spaming 2 demons in mid and gg, you cannot kill it and it will do a cc chain on you that will get you 3hit.
Lets talk about global market, i go to the market, try to sell something and i get the promt that says “not suficient items” i mean, tp showed me that i had 300 available for sale, why i cannot sell those 300?
Void gauntlet feels nice, yes it was a fresh air but i see people lvling but going great axe hammer anyways, because, why not? i mean you have a hammer that does loads of cc plus great damage now. A bit overpowered dont you think??
Let’s talk about bugs. When you enter an instance, for example a dungeon, once you are inside, you can’t talk in global chat anymore, you need to relog to fix it.
got hit while weapon swaping? no worries, hud will switch but not the weapon, so you will have to watch wich weapon are you holding.
No biggie, you can get a new armor skin on the store. That works!
GS Farm it’s boring as hell, kill x times one mob to get a chunk of gs. lol np. Crafting gear seems sketchy to say the least, you can pick stats but not perks, you can pick perks but not stats, every single game that i played you can pick w/e you want when you are crafting, otherwise you will have to pray the goddess of the RNG to get a gear piece that works for you. In the meantime you will have to flip a coin thounsands of times to get that piece that suits your playstyle.
I’m a healer main, been playing healer for years, played lineage 2, guild wars 2, even playing healer on mobas. This game is so weird for a healer, in order to cast an instant heal i need to, wait for it, SCROLL through my party names to heal who i want. If you need an “OH SHIT” heal you need to praise your scrollweel. There is no shortcut to heal other than Self healing.
Another thing that bugs me off, is the lack of distinction about my party members and the rest of the gang. Why everyone has blue names? the party icon only shows when im overing my mouse over, and in a 50v50 war it might take a while.
Speaking of 50v50 war, i cannot understand why every single AOE looks the same, no color distinction no nothing.
But hey, the hat is new!
Dont take me as a hater, i loved this game, i think it has a lot of potential, i have put over like 450 hs already and im hooked like day one. But this state of the game gets me sad.

First of all, go to reekwatersonbox, chill, and go DOWN, if u know what i mean.
Second, what a misery che, three empanadas, breaks my soul
And the last but not less important, im with this guy, especially in the WM and Outpost Rush parts.

I am with you 100% on all accounts. The current state of the game makes me sad. I want to play, but I know what will happen when I log in and know I will be frustrated and log off. So I just don’t log in anymore, and I want to so it makes me sad as well.

This all happened with 1.1 too, sad state of the game. 400+ hours btw…

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it’s so sad. It seems like they want people to click mindlessly to do damage, instead rewarding those players who actually are skilled.

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