What are those statues in Tempest Heart for? Anyone unlocked all of them?

I can’t seem to find the first one’s weapon and what happens when you unlock them all? Where are all the chest locations for them? Ty :stuck_out_tongue:

If you unlock all of them you get a chest at the last one

There 4 hidden chest that spawn random at different location before the town (statue) , when you unlock the 4 statue its give a expedion chest. The chest spawn at the statue feet #4.

First weapon is behind a tombstone like wall you go by as you take a path to right. Kinda hard to explain exactly but it is pretty easy to find once you are aware it’s well blended and behind the wall/tombstone that you walk by. 2 others are very easy to find and the 4th that is for the second or last guy is only one I have not found yet. I will try to look at the exact location again on my next run to explain it better next time.

I don’t think they are random majority seem to be in exactly same spots on my runs, I have not found the lady one though so I could be wrong and can test that more when I have ta chance to get on and run expedition more.

They are random. They have changed spots on our group.

they are random , i have run this dungeon 20++ times

Love whoever made this, can confirm its accurate.
Still no clue on what the loot pool is.


The coffers should only contain the swords, but I’ve seen some people claiming they got gear too occasionally (couldn’t confirm it). If anybody got gear and has some info, please let me know so I can update the database.

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