What are you doing ags?

  • Updated equip load healing bonus to be multiplicative. Now all of the healing bonuses from equip load, positive or negative, will be added on after all other calculations have been made, meaning it will have a larger and more consistent impact on healing.
    • Example: Base healing is 100, and a player has two passives each increasing healing by 10%, those two healing mods are additive. So those are calculated as 100*(1+0.1+0.1) which is equal to 120. With the equip load being multiplicative, it is now calculated after all other math has been completed. So if we take the same calculation as above and have the 2nd healing bonus be multiplicative, It is calculated as 100*(1.+0.1)=110*(1+0.1)=121.
  • Removed Medium equip load healing bonus and increased the reduction to healing in Heavy equip load. Healing bonuses per equip load are now: Light +30%, Medium 0%, Heavy -30%.

Look at my gear ;

why i spend all my gold to this gears ?
for nothing ?

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at least you have some sagacious stuff to start your light armored journey. F

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my friend its cant be acceptable. if they wanna do medium healer trash they should add gear convert system ? why i should grind more again ? im playing this game for pvp.

thats what the F was for

also double F your pants has sacred fortify and so does the sagacious hat.

With Blessed, Bend Light, and Intensify, and a light weight bonus, your total healing bonus is 101%, giving you a total of 201% for heals. With light bonus being changed to multiplicative, the total healing bonus is 71%, giving you a total of 171% x 1.3 (light bonus), for a total of 222%, massive buff for light healers.

Unfortunately, if you go heavy, you’ll be healing 53% of what a light user can, and a medium, 76%. These are massive nerfs, and anything but light healing will be a meme. Also RIP heavy PVE healers lol.


im medium healer not heavy and i wanna gear convert system. I dont wanna grind again. They should give us gear convert for 100k umbral shard to light or heavy armor.

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to add onto this, could make it like the current umbral shard upgrading where it makes items bound if they aren’t already so people can’t buy stuff from trade post, change it, sell it

i dont wanna do grind i can grind umbral shard for adapt new meta but otherewise if they want lose tons of gold for new light gears ; i dont think so any medium healers keep playing…

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This is how they are balancing 3v3 PVP Arenas. Make healers extremely easy to kill. I think some people will still play Medium Healer just for survivability.

edit: nvm misread.

This is the first healer Nerf in ages. Heavy healers were nonsense and you know It. Time to get new clothes

bro medium healer is going to nerf too. u understand ? im not heavy healer im medium healer.

Medium healer was also kinda inmortal, so fine with It. Youve been strong since day 1. Time to feel the bow path

okay u should say this ones while u cant find any healer on game.

I cam’t find archers now, Will you ragequit because meta is not on you for the first time?

yep me and %50 pop of game will be ragequit. Med brusier down bad too.

Melees and healers, the permameta classes. Melees are still meta with stamina changes made so… Dont think so… If you dont play healer someone else Will.

someone else dont will. Why i should play healer with zero reward high risk ?

You shouldn’t play healer with 0 Risk high reward anyway. You played It that way for months

already medium healers getting one shot from bb do u know ?