What are you doing ags?

Archers arent required to do most of the game correctly in group play.

Living healers are.

Crap comparison.

Also, im getting pretty sick of people being sociopaths and acting like everyone should have to “feel their pain too” when they chose to use a certain build. You can chose to go get another non bow weapon, you just don’t. Thats not on us, so we shouldnt have to suffer because of your choices so you can imagine that things are fair.

yeah but when bow and musket users asked for the removal of ALL ammo we get non ranged people coming in stating that it was choice to get a “bonus” instead of what it truly was a cost of running it. using the same deflection saying mana pots and potions and stones are a cost when people forget ranged users also use them.

it still costs sever grand to run mutations with ranged weapons as primaries.

and we still have to invest in gear just like any STR users.

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I agree on the ammo really. Instead of arrows or bullets it should be an ammo pouch or quiver that goes in that slot and not something that cost you 1-2 gold every time you shoot.

Thats 10+ gold a kill and it’s just a sink for ori and starmetal that could be better used elsewhere in the economy.

Quiver/Ammo pouch should be craftable and sellable items like bags and have perks on it that give you bonuses. The actual ammo should be infinite

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yep iv asked this forever ago could be an interesting take with how the shield bug made for “interesting” options too.

could of been a cool place for perks.

I can think of lots of ranged related perks that you could put on there to add variety or scale up damage at endgame levels. They wouldn’t need to be as amazing as weapon perks and they’d still be an upgrade from 1.1x damage.

stuff like additional elemental conversion so you could go full ele, or slow on headshot hits… maybe on contact effects like exploding arrow/ammo that does an AOE around the hit for a small percent of the hit damage

all of those could be amazing

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Light healers. That’s all, if ur server isn’t running light rapier healers consider yourself blessed

it could of but naw gotta protect that precious engineering market that loses value when crafting ammo…?

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So… Dont play Life staff then, go play another weapon :relaxed:

I am a medium healer with 2k hours as a healer with two characters and i refuse to want to put any more time into this shambles of a game run by moronic devs. ARE YOU DEVS EVER GOING TO FIX REAL PROBLEMS? Please leave medium healers out of this and fix real problems, the blunderbuss is one shooting for way to much light armour needed a nerf not heavy or medium! It is these little kids crying cuz they cant kill a healer like get a grip that healer has no DPS & soon to be no heals. I DONT WANT TO PLAY LIGHT HEALER ALL MY TIME IS INTO MEDIUM. Nerf musket nerf spear nerf blunderbuss nerf all dps players jus so it is fair why are you attacking healers? We are here to heal so why kill us? You really are braking the camel’s back here

15% is an acceptable loss I think, but I don’t like that they just trash builds all willy nilly

Unrelated to the pvp stuff, but healers have never needed heavy in PvE.

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Pretty stupid way to battle heavy healers. But well, here we are.

Sounds like maybe they should grant a % of umbral shards of you salvage a 600+ piece… So you can put those shards into something else.

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