What are your thoughts? ( no harrasment or breaking CoC please)

So in this post WE were FINALLY offered compensation for all the lost time.

I appreciate its a big game but you are a big company. This isn’t going to turn into a rant about the current state of the game. Instead I jsut want to say players hope for more and your playerbase deserves more regular and detailed explaination of issues and how they are planned to be addressed. Even an update saying there is no update is better than nothing. I feel there are a number of loyal players that you owe a great deal to. Other games offer compensation for every hour of downtime like Genshin Impact. I understand these are different games but there are so many issues arising and so little give BACK to the community of which is trying to play the game. I do appreciate you are working your hardest ( hopefully) But we just want to be kept more in the loop and not feel like a forethought.
Or maybe that is just me.

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