What are your thoughts on Halloween event?

What do you or do not like about it? How can it be improved?
For me, the event is lackluster, while the World boss is cool, that is all there is to it. There needs to be something extra like an extra activity or something.

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Every other event let’s you interact with the event thing for the diamon gymsum in each town for free, but this event I need to do some quest? Kill the world boss I think? Not a fan of this choice.

It’s fun and I really do like the overall aesthetics and event premise.

However, I do find that the tokens and ‘prizes’ are a bit lackluster and underwhelming; especially after following up from the Summer Medleyfaire event which had premium tokens for more unique sets/patterns/emotes/trophies.

If they could have added anything, my suggestion would have been to reinstate a daily (akin to Summer Medleyfaire) where the Player could “trick-or-treat” by talking to NPCs in front of homes in each settlement and receive “candy” that could then be exchanged for gypsum or what-have-you. Make it even more fun by forcing the user to be wearing a mask (acquired from token redemption) in order to trigger this exchange.

Better yet, you could have had the “trick-or-treat” functionality (see above) reward the players with “candy” (akin to tokens) and then have the World Boss drop “premium candy” (akin to premium tokens) and that would have added more diversity to the event.

Not to say this one is a bust though, I still enjoy it :jack_o_lantern: but it definitely got trumped by the Summer Medleyfaire in comparison :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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It’s “okay”, but not awe inspiring. One disappointing aspect was the “surprise” one of my playing partners got when they went to craft a 600 GS weapon (bought template at Halloween store) and found they had to be 150 level weaponsmithing. While not actually an unreasonable requirement - it was different than the Medleyfaire 600GS patterns could be crafted by someone with no armoring level to speak of. It was a “change” that should have been called out


i like

Diamond Gypsum is being fixed in this update.

Honestly? Not impressed at all. Unless I missed it somewhere, there’s no indication, after the initial quest to kill Baal, that you can go back and keep killing him to gather tokens. It gives the impression you can only do it once per day.

The event store is… Underwhelming. Missed a great opportunity for housing items here. The helmet items are meh. Looks like a good selection of patterns, though I haven’t looked at them much.

I think they should have implemented some sort of candy basket at all of the inns that you could loot once per day for a bag that had consumables in it, with various buffs, etc…

Overall, it just feels like an afterthought while they were working on the xpac.

I’ll give them props for the fall decorations in the settlements though. Art dept did a good job there.


i like that they have done something for it, love the decorations in the towns and what not, the rewards i dont think are any good because i cant craft any of the good ones yet, but one thing i dont like is the fact that they keep re-using isabella’s move set, at least use something new, or different for a change.

A little bit underwhelming.

The boss is absolutely amazing, but the event store has nothing interesting except 5 skins. After you kill Baalphazu 5 times, you might as well stop doing it

What I gather from it is that it’s a start for them to implementing more open world bosses in the future. I think 10/20 man raids were talked about? But my memory is hazy on that. I don’t know what they did this patch but my performance seems to be much better overall at least with desync so it gives me hope that bigger required raids will be in the future.

The overall event I like. Sure, it’s short and sweet with only having to kill the boss a handful of times for all the skins but the event is also one of the shorter ones compared to other events. Plus it gives us time to gather what you want from the event and to still do Brimstone if you’re short on time.

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I feel the same way, it seems alot less laggy for me in big chest runs, before i would stutter like crazy, so thats a big + for me!

I am really enjoying it. I like a big zerg running across the map killing Baal where ever he spawns. I do wish more housing items would be implemented, also really love using the event ~500GS patterns for leveling weaponsmithing, arcana and engineering from 150-200. I think a portal spawning after the defeat of baal would be nice to help with better fast traveling around the map for the event only.

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I’m thinking that this one was kept light because it launched with the BS zone (also no alot of spare capacity to work on it etc). would expect it to be a little more fleshed out otherwise. They seem to be setting it up for future expansion, mention the 3 sister witches who are absent at present etc.

Def would expect more quest related content, repeatable and all that.


Going to skip it completely. Skins look nice but other than that the craftable gear feels like a waste of time.

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I like it, the worldboss raid vibes are nice and the cosmetics looks good. Adding buff food, like the previous events, would be perfect tho. Not everyone got their crafts up yet to use the designs, so some buff foods or maybe other consumables/stuff could be good. It would give people incentive to keep doing Baal zergs

Ich finde es ist mal was anderes aber man hätte auch sowas wie im Sommer machen können nicht so groß etwas kleiner. zb auch seinen rang dort lvln. und ein bischen mehr an auswahl an Gegenständen zb. was cool gewesen wäre für die Musiker das man sich ein Lied mit denn Tokens kaufen können das ein Halloween steil hätte. Zb. oder auch eine richtige Questreihe fehlt. Was man auch machen könnte zu jedenm Event mal ein Eventdungeon der immer nur zu denn Events offen hat und immer andere Belohnung hat. das wäre zb im Winter cool gewesen ein Schneedungon. Aber sonst entwickelt sich alles sehr gut was mich freut weiter so AGS

Its fine, halloween is a small holiday that isnt even celebrated in most countries, the cosmetics are cool but the patterns are almost all trash except for the life staff ones. Why does keen have to be forced on all of them? And keenly fortified on bb? What a waste

I feel like for the Halloween event you should have a lvl 30 variant for the players under lvl 60, just an inclusivity kinda thing. i got 1 shot taking part in one of the events and haven’t taken part in another xD

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Cool for first fight, ok for second fight, meh for 3rd fight. Got over it on the 4th fight. Killed only to complete the cosmetic shop purchases for the 5th fight. Done. Never touching it again.

Next time, make it like a raid boss. Instead of 5x bosses on diff locations, make it be only 1 huge boss, that can be spawned on one location at random.
So 100-300 players gather together to defeat the World Boss.

Boss features:

  • summon an army of 500 pumpkin zombies that invade the x Location. When zombies are defeated, the final boss will spawn.
  • boss has 40 million hp
  • insane damage and one shot mechanics.
  • players will have to build special battle camps ( tents )those camps can be bought from halloween NPC shop with Pumpkin Seeds, dropped by normal pumkin zombies. Camps can be placed close to the boss, as respawn point / supply shop.
  • the special camps can sell battle items / cannons etc, to help kill the boss.

Event respawn every 3 hours.

Boss loot:

  • Boss’ body part (guaranteed drop) to be used in the cauldron in town.
  • Special consumable items - 60% drop rate.
  • special armor items: 20% drop rate
    Horror’s Amulet, Ring, Necklace. Bound to Equip
    Nigtmare Armor Set. Bound to Equip.

event should be at a set time xx:15 xx:30 etc in the various zones, at specific places so peeps no when and where.

that way easy for everyone to participate. Don’t like this checking map business every time i want to slap the boss, gets old quick.