What can Amazon do in this situation

In any case, New World will lose part of the audience today, and AGS is experiencing serious reputational losses today, but the actions described by me can help the company maintain its reputation and get out of this crisis, which will later help recruit a new audience of players.

  1. It is necessary to create an official topic on the forum to discuss vape characters.
  2. Create separate servers to be able to start playing from scratch for players who want to vape and prohibit making transfers to these servers.
  3. Give the opportunity to those who wish to make a refund of the game.
  4. As compensation, give each player a choice of any costume from the store.
    5)Make a discount on the game, and start taking a more responsible approach to testing updates in the future.

I’m sorry for my poor English, I had to use a translator. Amazon I trust in you!!

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  1. Give the opportunity to those who wish to make a refund of the game.

plus paying every hrs of gameplay lol i dnt care about 40 euro i care about my time that i spend playing this game


if you think it’s a waste of time, then you can stop. I enjoyed the game, I was interested in pumping the character to try new mechanics, the game challenged me, I didn’t waste my time, I changed it for the pleasure of learning the game. I will not demand a refund of 1300 rubles, I will not become poorer from being in the library of this game, but with such problems, the question of whether I will continue to enjoy the game remains open.


i did not say the game is a waste of time never!! my point is i spend alot of hrs playing i like this game too but i dnt like too see everyday Maintenance 3-4 hrs they do update for lags etc… and still have lag in 20 vs 20 now problem with coin everyday have some problem XD i think they can do something batter that what they doing…
my point is refound the game only is not worth it :slight_smile:

hey, tell everyone to update their bios like they told me to

When becomes a refund reasonable? Should I be able to demand a refund after 800 hours played?

“Sorry, I just watched this movie in your cinema, and while I watched through its length, I have decided I did not like the ending - please refund me my money and while at it, the popcorn I had, too!”

Refunds make no sense. However, compensation through choosing a store outfit, is reasonable, IF they would do a total reroll for everyone who played this morning (and obviously only for those players). Does not sound though like that is what is happening. Instead they seem to try reroll anything to do just with the gold, which was awarded in too high quantity.

ESO for a while (long established game at that point) has had extended maintenances all the time, it became a running joke among us players. ‘Oh, 4 hours for the weekly maintenance? Well, I better find something else to do for today, because it’s probably not gonna come back on until tomorrow.’
ESO never said sorry, ever, no compensation, and many of us were sub players.

Lotro was down for over a week >.>
They did say sorry and compensated some, but still, it shows how badly even OLD ESTABLISHED games can break down, and Lotro poorly communicated through that downtime.

It is not nice having to wait around, but they certainly did not do this on purpose. New World is not even a sub game. Just let them work through it and hopefully things will get better in time.


I see it this way: “Sorry, I just watched this movie in your cinema, and while I watched through its length, due to the constant technical difficulties and interruptions i demand my money back- please refund me my money and while at it, the popcorn I had, too!”

No refunds do make sense when the only refund window is 2 hours and all the bugs started happening toward mid game. They have kept us from playing the game during peak hours. Caused our territories to get messed up twice. Allowed players that are destroying the game to come back after being banned. They have done nothing that deserves to keep my $40. I just had half my gold deleted TODAY. So its ok to take my work and progress for no reason but we don’t get the same option to pull our money back when we have legitimate reasons to just want to drop the game? I would take my $40 back and never play this title again if it was an option. This is my first MMO, I was excited for the change in genre, but like the FPS market, it looks like AGS is here to take our money and run becasuse every patch they release it hurts the game more than helps. Atleast so far…

It’s not constant, but the fact people experience it that way, means they are upset they can’t play.

Usually a good sign, because who cares for a game being down they don’t like anyway <3

And here are old Lotro memes, and I am sure New World is spawning its own as we speak, but it just shows this subject is old, and many games have suffered through it (Lotro forums every time game went down exploded and would have had you think that’s the end, done, no more, yet Lotro is still running to this day -.-)


I think this part is important

I have played for more years than many on this forum are old. This is not unusual in this industry. You even agree to accept that the content of a game can end unavailable, that you have no right to the pixels, and so forth. New World at least is communicating, and they are apologizing. I have seen games with monthly subs just shrug their shoulders, no communication, no apologies and most definitely no compensation.

It is part of the gaming experience. Some gaming studios handle it better than others, but you don’t get money back, ever, that’s not done. You may get a store item and an apology, but count yourself lucky if you do.

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It doesn’t matter that other games struggled in the past… why is this still an argument. In any other industry if another company makes a mistake, the other companies also learn from those mistakes. This issue has been getting worse and not better in the gaming community as a whole. It’s people like you, that are the reason. Lets stroke AGS ego while they screw their fan base? I’ve said this in other posts on here.


Not one person can tell me a single thing apart from games and kickstarters

A refund is already possible through steam, asking for a refund after hundreds of hours played is entitlement at best.

If I buy a cup of coffee and only get hot water and am told I’ll get the coffee part sometime in the future with no date, am I entitled to a refund of the coffee even though I drank the water? This game should be in free beta and have released a year from now but AGS couldn’t help but be greedy and give a subpar product. Why aren’t they responsible for that? I see it ass false advertising saying a game is finished putting it up for sale and then not delivering. Hell they’re the biggest e-commerce company and they couldn’t get the servers right. I should’ve refunded then instead of listening to the “just give it a couple days” people. Once again first MMO so I listened.

Tinyfangz you made some good points . and most games do have teething problems on launch .
But constant dowtime and fixes that breaks other mechanics yes that is also common on some titles .
I also agree the AGS have tried to answer where they can . i think progress would of been further along if a certain minority of players hadn’t persisited with dupping exploit hunting and so forth .
Maybe the dev’s and code writers might of been able to have solved some of the issues that have now popped up .
Instead of wasting there time fixing or patching loop holes players found and abused .
But saying all of this AGS do have to take some cristicism that they allowed this to happen in the first place . And there are still bugs presant from the alpha and beta .
But for AGS to offer compensation to players is unprecidented in my experience of gaming , So i for one would like to say thank you AGS for such a noble gesture .

We are talking code, and we are talking human errors. This will not go away until we have ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) arrive on the scene to take over, and if gaming companies would have to refund after players have already played lots of hours in the game, then you’d not see new releases, the risk would simply be too high.

You are free to walk away while this game irons out some of the problems it is plagued by. I played GW2 after launch and was not happy with some stuff, left and returned once what I had felt missing, was introduced. Did the same with ESO after launch. It is not unusual.

Those who told you that were correct, but it seems you expected things to fall in place faster than what appears reasonable at this stage. Final Fantasy was taken down completely and redone. Stuff can go wrong, it is a risk developers and players take alike, especially with launches, but even still later.

If some down time throws you, then mmos are not for you. Even GW2, with its amazing system in place which avoids weekly downtimes (which I am surprised is not the norm by now) has had to roll back and had unexpected down times. There is never a guarantee, ever, that things don’t go pear shape. Didn’t facebook go down erecently? Was in stitches about Twitter’s own account typing: ‘Hello literally everyone’. :joy:

We must also not forget it is Thanks Giving in the States. That’s huge over there, so I expect the team is not at full capacity.

Instead about demanding refunds and what not, I’d rather think of whoever made this mistake, clearly not on Holiday, possibly tired and overworked. This game launched into a Covid pandemic, not fully ready, but still, the game has many great things, huge potential, we just have to live through the birthing and teething pains right now, and must hope it will properly get on its feet.

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A lot of people make reference to the FFXIV fiasco - however, those developers made a public and very emotional plea for their players to stick with them, they demonstrated their passion and their commitment, and then followed through on that.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit of that; I mean, let’s put a face to some of the people who are managing / directing this game that people seem to care about a lot.

Get out in front of your game, stand by your game, make me believe in you to create this experience and world I want to live in.

It’s this sort of player investment that New World is rapidly burning through and is coming up short on in the past two weeks or so.

Mistakes happen yes, but when other products don’t function like they should there are still refunds and recalls for those items. AGS has done nothing but make empty promises. If I make a mistake I have to deal with the repercussions why not AGS. You’re treating them like they’re learning to code from scratch. These are people with degrees and certifications in their field and this is what we get. This is NOT a mistake, it’d being lazy and only caring about getting their money in without providing what they said they would

and stop using the game will get better later argument. They got our money NOW, so we deserve a properly working product NOW. Not a week from now, yesterday, or a week ago. The game as I said, should have been released as a open beta and they should have used that time for these issues. Instead they wanted our money and released a incomplete product, it does not function the way it is supposed to period. They have disabled key parts of the game because they are using paying customers as beta testers. Minecraft was more polished in ALPHA than this game. They have no excuse and stop giving them excuses while we’re at it.

So you think this happened out of laziness? o.O

Don’t know, it sounds to me you wish to be highly emotional about this, and that’s also not unusual, check any gaming forum when maintenance gets extended or unexpected down times, you will be left feeling the world is going to end.

This game was pushed for release to early, I myself have typed this many a times, but it does not mean that for 40 quit you have not gotten well your money worth. I’d understand people going mental if they’d announced the game will be brought down for good, that’s it, the end, but this is just a downtime, another fix, and maybe in the future do not buy a game a launch, it does not seem to do your emotional health any good.