What can be done to bring the game to a balanced state sooner?

Hey Everyone,

A lot of anger going around. I’m hoping we can have a more constructive conversation.

The game is new so it’s expected there to be a few issues. To this point, I thought a deflationary economy was the biggest problem. However, the two big War exploits has left the game in a very unbalanced state.

The primary problem is that a small set of companies aware of this exploit have controlled major hubs and their members are vastly ahead (tax revenue → to their members). The unbalanced game state is due to an unfair advantage.

Unless the game has been collecting logs that can identify these users and the game studio chooses to act on harsh punishments, I don’t see this issue being corrected through punitive action.

I know many of us want to see these people punished. However, let’s assume that this will not happen.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to balance out the game state a little sooner?

One thing I’ve been thinking of is an armor set that is just below voidbent armor that most people can grind fairly easily.

The problem with this approach is that it kills the end game content a bit. The game studio will have to act quickly on newer, harder content to balance it out.

Anyone have any other thoughts on solutions (other than punitive action and just waiting it out to catching up)?

Create a public master list of known issues/bugs.

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