What can i do (family share problem)

i use 2 steam accounts, playing “gaming account” by family sharing to prevent getting hack to my “purchase account”
just dont tell me to “pay” again~


That is the only option. Buy two or don’t have it. Family sharing was disabled period due to the bots.

Greetings @razgrizzgame.

Sorry about the inconvenience this might cause, there’s currently a post from one of our Community Managers that you can follow up for all updates about the Family Sharing topic.

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i bought the game on my main steam but started to play on my other steam account , i didn’t even notice i was playing on the other account , now i have a character with 400 + hrs into the game with in store purchases i can’t access , i bought the game when family sharing was activated and i get why you disabled family sharing you have good reasons but why am not able to access my character , why am being punched for no reasons with the cheaters , you could at least give us warning or tell us for how much time the family sharing will be disabled , i really want to get back into the game , i enjoyed the time within the community , and i would like to know if my character was deleted or not because i talked to some supports , some told me that it’s gone and other told me i can get it back if i purchased the game again
all am asking right now is to give us an update about the family sharing issue
so i can decide if i will wait more or just buy the game again

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Greetings @smackfire1111

I’m sorry about it, I can see you have a point and I completely understand, as a gamer and as a member of the community.

All information about this topic will be posted in the Community Manager thread, you can have the newest information and updates about this on this following link (I don’t know why in the previous one it didn’t let me paste it)

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