What damage applies to which mob type in an Invasion

Hey all!

Ive been playing this game for a pretty long time now and I am currently trying to figure out what is the best way to max out dmg versus the corrupted in Invasions.

There are multiple perks that potentially do more dmg to corrupted:

  • Ruinous: More damage versus siege equipment: Does this work versus Trebuchet/cannon and skulls?

  • Vorpal: do the eyes in skulls count as headshot?

-Increased corrupted dmg perk: does this perk also do increased damage versus cannons/trebuchets and skulls?

seems to be very hard to find data on this so i would love to hear experiences on this by fellow players :slight_smile:


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They are all corrupted. Use Infused corrupted coatings on both your weapons. Grab some weapons that have +% damage to corrupted. Corrupted trophies in your houses. The + corruption resistance gear isnt really needed bc you shouldnt be that far from the fort.

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… and also: when a corrupted (*) one deals fire (void,…) damage, does it count as corrupted or fire (void,…) damage?
Could there be a difference between abilities and spell? Like does a “mine” deals fire damage (or corrupted?) or the summoned slicers void (or corrupted?) ?

(*) … same for angry earth, lost and ancients

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3 corrupt combat trophies, infused corrupted coating, honing stones, corruption bane weapons with arcane gems, and attribute foods will do wonders for invasions. Those make the biggest difference imo. Not sure about most of your questions though tbh but you bring up some good points.

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From what i can tell they all do seem to count as corrupted indeed. if i use coatings my dmg increases versus the siege equipment as well. Very hard to test the vorpal buff though vs Skulls. Havent been able to test ruinous either…

I know all the proper equipment and buffs help greatly, on my server I am responsible for every factions first wins and still lead the green invasions. I was just looking for those last bits of info to up the guides even further.

Thanks for the reply! I already try to push everyone joining my invasions to do everything you said and they make a huge difference indeed! Was just looking for those last bits of info cause I love that last bit of min maxing for my guides :smiley:

I personally dont take any dmg during invasions so this is purely guessing. (I sit on top of the walls)

If you compare it to how our dmg is build up when you use an arcane gem they split the dmg into the two different damage types. So iam guessing its the same for corrupted related dmg? AKA part of it will be fire dmg and part will be corrupted dmg. It is a good question though.

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