What do u expect from me?

I actually don’t know what to say…After i spend tons of money and material to make my GA ‘‘Great’’ i am getting nerfed over and over and over and over. Whatever u say it doesn’t change the fact. GA will be totally unplayable with the new patch and i have no money no passion no god damn material and no umbral shard to switch another weapon with bis gear!!! I’ve played this game for 1.2k hours so do i need to switch another class by equipping shit gear? U’ll tell me this? I’m leaving the game with the new patch and not playing another shit game of you…(DO NOT PLAY LOST ARK IF YOU CARE URSELF)


GA will be fine, don’t overreact. IG’s spike is nerfed by 50% too. Gravwell is too strong in wars.

Its an MMO, balance changes all the time, meta changes every patch.

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Just try it first before uninstalling.
It is only the PTR, things will still change.

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