What do you do in your QA? (Software Quality Assurance)

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So im quite an active player, just done a pause for 1-2 months and came back to see what amazing things got added to new world. first of all, good ideas, beautiful in scenery. amazing job done by the art and sound team.

but now im a bit curious about the implementation onto live servers because its almost every patch where you broke things and features which were working before and im into IT myself. (easy thing: In arena you get now a 24h cooldown whyever).

You have a ptr where players test your new additions and give you feedback while in development. (thats something you have a lot of luck and that you got a really good community to care about because normally in software dev its a whole job). as we know there is also an qa or staging system where you internally test again everything before releasing it.
What im wondering is that some features of your game just wont work even tho they worked on live or on ptr. so how this happens? For me the only thing thats coming to mind is that some things in qa just missed and it’s just shipped out like that or there is not enough time for qa.

so maybe use a little more the community: hand out a list which features should be checked or getting checked also by your qa on the ptr server so that you get the feedback and the opportunity to fix these beforehand. or maybe your qa in person should create such and check these in your staging environment. there are still a lot of players who are interessted in the game and wants it to be a success and i think that maybe some peoples gonna do it.


Seems like they leave it to the PTR and are surpised when it’s busted.



…People reported the major quest bug with the event on the forums weeks ago and it still made it to live.

i know thats just something they priorize in their backlog (yea i do know how modern agile working is “the thing” today in every company) and therefore quests could be under prioritized because they wont break the game or game core features. but essential features which are developed and finished gone broken is something i really cant understand how these are not checked in qa and so i think that the community can help.

I understand where you’re coming from with regards to that but maybe that’s a problem. Prioritization.

The PTR should be supplemental QA at best.

yea right “should be” ^^
Prioritization is key for devs to implement or fix things and i dont know how we as a community can help them with such, therefore is just one available option to help: bring more feedback even if they just send the community a list with things they can test at the ptr. how they prioritize these is just the job of the product owner.

actually ive seen that the branch for staging was updated 2 days before release (https://steamdb.info/app/1063730/depots/) so my guess was that there was not enough time for qa but you dont know if its just a “marketing” branch and somehow they handle it internally.

They have 2 problems. Ignoring bugs or balance issues playtesters highlight on the PTR and just in the game in general, and making UNTESTED changes between the ptr and the live patch being released. (and thats being VERY generous)

At this point these devs dont deserve the effort this community has put in to keep the game going. Unfortunately they’re doing their best to kill the game and succeeding. When everyone said theyd see them on one server in a year they were joking. Ags took it seriously. What a disappointment this dev team is.

As I’m sure you already know if you have dev experience, it depends very much on how good the tests suites are. A release can pass QA with flying colours and still be as buggy af. If the game isn’t built with provision for unit and regression testing from the get go, the sort of chaos we’re seeing right now will be repeated every update and will snowball as the code base becomes more complex. Also don’t underestimate the power of a product owner screaming to get a release out, despite the sprint leads and SMEs telling them its not ready.

yea i think that they dont got enough qualified human ressources right now to get all the points you need before release. probably the test suite is just for general application execution :frowning: and is in need for updated test scenarios or maybe its missing the whole concept.

its very frustrating to see how this game just again and again fails in release and breaking features which were fine so im in search for solutions which can the community do.

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